Iggy Azalea shows off her plastic surgery transformation in the artwork for her new single Lola… and she looks like a completely different person compared to throwback photos

Iggy Azalea has released the artwork for her new single, Lola. 

The cover art shows a sleek-looking Iggy pouting in a plunging green dress with pop star Alice Chater resting in her lap.

With her plump lips and slender nose, the 29-year-old rapper is almost unrecognisable compared to when she first arrived on the celebrity scene in 2012.

She’s back! Iggy Azalea looks like a perfect mannequin on the cover of her new single, Lola. Pictured with pop star Alice Chatter

In photos taken when the Australian-born star was just 23, she sports noticeably thinner lips, a larger nose and a flatter chest.

Iggy has admitted to undergoing some procedures, including rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation. 

However, she has always maintained that her famous derrière is all natural.

Remember me? In photos taken when the Australian-born star was just 23, she sports noticeably thinner lips, a larger nose and a flatter chest. Pictured on September 6, 2012 in LA

What a transformation! The 29-year-old rapper has completely changed her appearance between 2012 (left) and 2019 (right)

Last year, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia that he believes the rapper may have made additional changes to her facial shape.

According to Dr. Haworth, who has not treated Iggy himself, she appears to have invested in some ‘subtle’ and ‘beautiful’ refinements.

‘Iggy is what I would describe as an excellent “canvas” on which a plastic surgeon can reveal his work,’ he observed.

‘When done right, results can be sublime and indiscernible to a layman’s eye.’

Stunning: Iggy has admitted to a nose job and breast augmentation, but has always maintained that her famous derrière is natural. Pictured on July 26, 2019 in Las Vegas

In addition to Iggy’s rhinoplasty, which ‘straightened and narrowed her nose’, Dr. Haworth believes she may have undergone ‘a chin augmentation as well as mandibular angle enhancement to give her a more refined, “modelesque” jawline.’

‘This can be done either with solid silicone implants or off-the-shelf injectable fillers, but either way, her results are spectacularly non-obvious,’ he said.

Iggy, who hails from Mullumbimby, NSW and moved to the U.S. aged 16, has never concealed the fact she has undergone a breast enlargement.

Before and after: Iggy’s face has completely transformed over the years. Pictured left: in September 2012, and right: in September 2019

‘Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life,’ she told fashion bible Vogue in 2015.

She later spoke about her new look with E! and explained why she decided to go public with the news.

‘I love them so much I had to talk about them,’ she revealed. ‘Everybody did say, “I don’t think you need to say it because no one will ever know because they’re so small”. I said, “I know but I’m just going to say it [because] I’m a blabber mouth!”

Quite the difference! Iggy’s face looked remarkably different in this photo taken in late 2014

‘I’d feel better not to have some secret. It’s much freer to say it and then you don’t have to worry someone will dig it up,’ she added. 

However, despite her candid attitude to surgery, bootylicious Iggy steadfastly denies rumours she has undergone ‘butt implants’.

She told Australian radio program Stav, Abby & Matt in 2017: ‘No, I don’t have bum implants! They’re not my real boobs, but it is my real butt.’

Barbie girl! The blonde beauty often shows off her flawless features on social media

Michelle Bridges creates a stir with ‘no filter’ photo of her face

The ex Biggest Loser icon reveals her secrets Fitness guru and former Biggest Loser star Michelle Bridges has posted a photo with her mum, proudly labelled ‘no filter’ – eliciting a strong reaction from her legion of followers.
The star took to Instagram to share an outing with her mother Maureen, captioning it, ‘Out with my mum! No filter but plenty of Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #gratitude.’

Michelle’s fans took to the comment section to rave about the photo, with one gushing, ‘I hope you know how beautiful you are without any photoshopping etc.

‘So many people look up to you – you’re naturally beautiful and we love the real you!’

Another raved, ‘You look so pretty 😊’, while yet another wrote, ‘I have unfollowed many with filters. Fake. Thanks for keeping it real.’

A fourth added, ‘Your skin looks incredible.’

4,275 likes – View Post on Instagram
Out with my mum! No filter but plenty of Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #gratitude

Indeed, the star’s seemingly completely line-free visage was a sight to behold. .

Last year, Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth claimed that Michelle could be an ‘enthusiastic user’ of both ‘fillers and Botox’, Daily Mail Australia reported.

Dr Haworth speculated the Aussie fitness star has plumped her lips and filled her under-eye area with Juvéderm.

‘A tell-tale sign that filler was used to treat under-eye hollows is bulging below her lower eyes next to the nose. I can see Michelle has those when she is smiling in recent photographs,’ the surgeon told the publication.

1,898 likes – View Post on Instagram
These photos were taken by my gorgeous, talented friend @nica.photography for @escapesouthernhighlands magazine Spring 2019 edition 📸🙏🏻 Would you just LOOK at me and my little man (with his long hair out of the bun too 😉) In the article I talk all about my home in the Highlands away from the rat-race city, a few of my favourite things (no spoilers 😘) and why my @12wbt is still going strong after 10 whole years 🎉🙌🏻 Nica, this photoshoot has to be one of my faves EVER! And to the Escape team, thank you for the feature 💛escapesouthernhighlands.com.au/category/in-the-current-issue/ #escapesouthernhighlands #nicaphotography

On the subject of Botox, Michelle has said: ‘I am a fan of anything that makes a person feel good about themselves and more confident’.

Michelle is mum to three-year-old son Axel, who she welcomed in December 2015 with former partner and Biggest Loser co-star Steve ‘Commando’ Willis.

‘We’re just like any other family who have full-time jobs and children; we’re not special!’ she says.

‘We didn’t plan to be so busy but that’s often the way it is – you have to figure it out as you go!’

But in June, Michelle admitted during WHO’s Raw Talks podcast that she struggles with the constant rumours about her and Steve’s relationship.

‘Sometimes I don’t deal with it well. Sometimes it really, really hurts me,’ she explained.

Michelle and Steve first got together in 2013 after meeting while working together on The Biggest Loser.

Plastic Surgery-The Male Factor

Man running
Exercise is hard work

For the last eight years or so, I, as one of the foremost cosmetic injection experts in Beverly Hills, have noticed an increasing number of men seeking aesthetic improvement outside of diet and exercise. However, I see this growth as less a trend and more of a real shift in the industry.

This growth is spurred on by society’s reliance on visual rather than written communication and its unabashed obsession with youth and beauty over old-fashioned wisdom and experience. The eruption of social media, including Instagram and the like, has only heightened the problem. It has awakened our once dormant  narcissism into the self-perpetuating collective contagion that it is today. 

Consequently, there is less social stigma for men to seek out ways to better their appearance in this highly competitive world. In 2018, more aesthetic technologies are finally delivering on their promises to reduce wrinkles, firm faces, reverse atrophy and sculpt bodies without hair. The armamentarium used includes Botox, Jeuveau( or #Newtox), Juvederm, Vollure, Restylane, Radiesse,Voluma, Bellafill, IP, laser hair removal and other lasers to treat brown discoloration, and red patches. Men are not only seeking out ways to keep themselves looking young and competitive but also non-surgical ways to actually enhance their features; these include filler/liquid nosejobs (rhinoplasties), cheek and chin augmentations and jawline defining and even laser induced fat burning with SculpSure..

All done with the expert hands of a board certified plastic surgeon or his personally trained expert nurse injectors (such as Katherine Braun, R.N. helming The Haworth Institute’s own medispa, Self-Centered Aesthetics™), results which are both significant and, most importantly, natural.  This is ideal for men wanting their appearance to be on point in order to compliment their skill set at work.

No cutting, no stitches, less recovery, less expense- what’s there not to like for those men who simply want to look good with minimal expense and time? 

Get the London Goheen look! American model, 21, reveals how she keeps her derrière toned

American model London Goheen, 21, didn’t achieve her pert derrière and perfectly toned legs overnight. 

And on Saturday, the brunette beauty went extra hard at the gym after eating an epic cheat meal the night before.

Taking to Instagram, London shared an intense workout video of herself in a barely-there gym outfit that revealed her exercise secrets.

Get the London Goheen look! American model (pictured), 21, reveals how she keeps her derrière and glutes toned in barely-there workout outfit

The model wore skin-tight pink exercise shorts and a skimpy bralette that could barely hold her assets. 

Lunge enthusiast: London performed two lunge exercises, curtsy lunges (left) and normal lunges (right), saying she always uses a 10-pound weight, which is roughly 4.5 kilograms

For the third exercise, London did weighted curtsy lunges with a 10-pound weight, which is roughly 4.5 kilograms. 

The 21-year-old then finishes of the workout with normal weighted lunges and leg extensions on a workout machine. 

With a focused look on her face, London appeared to get extra hard at the gym on Saturday morning after a huge cheat meal on Friday night. 

Taking to Instagram, the model revealed she ate a pepperoni pizza, chicken wings and three ice-cream sandwiches with the caption: ‘Yes, this is all for me and me only.’

Hard work pays off! London shows off the fruits of her labour in the gym with sizzling Instagram posts in barely-there bikinis  

Treat yourself! The night before her morning workout, London ate a pepperoni pizza, chicken wings and three ice-cream sandwiches with the caption: ‘Yes, this is all for me and me only.’

Last year, photos emerged of the stunner showing the extent of the extraordinary transformation she’s managed to achieve since her days as an ordinary high school student in the US. 

‘Specifically, her slightly bulbous tip has been narrowed to form a perfect streamline with her thin nasal bridge. All in all, it’s good work,’ he added.

Dr. Haworth further speculated that London has augmented her lips with filler to create a more ‘sensual’ look.

‘Her lips have been obviously augmented, most likely with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm, Volbella or Restylane,’ he said.

Refinements: Dr Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia in December that he believes the Texan has undergone rhinoplasty in addition to having non-surgical lip fillers. Pictured left: In her teenage years, and right: in 2018

In January, an eagle-eyed fan noticed London had previously admitted to breast implants on her Instagram account.

‘Where did you get your breast augmentation you look amazing,’ one fan asked, to which London replied, ‘Houston’.

London first made headlines in September when Reece Hawkins, 24, publicly confirmed they were dating.

Are they engaged? In June, London sent fans into a frenzy with a not-so-subtle set of emojis on a loved-up Instagram post with her beau. It was captioned with a ring, love-heart and baby icon

The new relationship, which began just a few months after Reece ended his engagement to fitness model Tammy Hembrow, left millions of fans devastated.  

In June, London sent fans into a frenzy with a not-so-subtle set of emojis on a loved-up Instagram post with her beau.

Captioning a photo with a ring, love-heart and baby icon, the 21-year-old’s social media upload was flooded with comments congratulating the couple.

End of an era: It’s been over a year since Tammy announced her split from her ex-fiancé and the father of her two children, Reece Hawkins (left)


Plastic Surgeon and the Anesthetist

How do I chose local, regional, sedation or general?

General generally means endotracheal tubes

Essentially there are three types of anesthesia:

1. Local anesthesia-the type a dentist gives you while you’re totally awake

2. IV sedation or “twilight sleep“. A sedative is administered intravenously to induce a deep state of sedation. 

3. General anesthesia-Sedative agents are administered both intravenously as well as through endotracheal breathing tube into the lungs.

Though the most consider IV anesthesia as being safer, ironically it can be more dangerous. Unlike general anesthesia, IV sedation does not use a breathing tube to prevent a patient’s airway from closing if sedation gets too deep. Actually, this can happen many times during an operation and that is why the anesthesia provider must stay hypervigilant to deliver enough sedation to maintain a patient’s unconscious state but not enough to stop them breathing on their own.

There are two types of patients when it comes to anesthesia-those who are very wary of any anesthesia, let alone general and those who want full general anesthesia without hesitation. Obviously, the choice as to what type of anesthesia is used during plastic surgery is a collaboration between the patient and the surgeon. 

As a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, creating human artwork involves deep concentration, precise technique, a painstaking attention to detail and unlimited patience. Therefore I want my patient to be perfectly still, comfortable and safe so I can do my very best without being distracted,  even if the surgery is only “skin deep”. This is why I, as a facelift expert in Beverly Hills, perform my facelifts and detailed hyperaesthetic facial surgery under general anesthesia. I feel I can deliver the best results I can while the patient is comfortable and safe.

I utilize general anesthesia for most of my high-definition body-sculpting, abdominoplasties and breast enhancements to enable me to go that “extra mile”. It’s all too often I hear patients complain about their underwhelming results from surgery performed under IV twilight sleep. This is because surgeons are constrained in what they can fully achieve by a moving, uncomfortable patient. In Beverly Hills, standards are high and patients expect the best and this is why they come to my clinic from across the world for their results and not for the type of anesthesia they receive.

However, there are many situations in which I feel IV sedation is better for the patient. Those requiring modest amounts of work where pain control can be easily supplemented by injected local anesthesia are best served with twilight sleep. Generally, shorter surgeries of the skin and subcutaneous tissue but above muscle fall into this category.

endotracheal tube passing through the vocal cords
An image of the endotracheal tube passing through a patient’s vocal cords

In the end, it all boils down to the concerns and expectations of the patient and how best the surgeon is able to fulfill them. However, most honest surgeons, whether in Beverly Hills or anywhere else for that matter, would agree that their most detailed and precise work was performed under general anesthesia

Lip Dysmorphia-It’s a Thing

Who’s Running the Asylum ?

The participants of “Married at First Sight Australia” all have one thing in common-lips preposterously out of proportion with their face. Like a loud out-of-tune instrument in an otherwise beautiful orchestra, these overinflated lips resemble baboon bottoms in heat and do no one any favours.

"Married at first sight Australia" overinflated lips so commonly seen
The characteristic overinflated lips so commonly seen nowadays in the social media age

The mistake made by the many so-called practitioners of aesthetic medicine, is to allow their own aesthetic judgment to be hijacked by the social media influencers. This encourages tunnel vision in doctors and nurse injectors alike, focusing only on  lip volume and not on shape. Instead of enhancing facial sensuality,  overly plumped lips tend to do the opposite and even age the face in a strange way. For example,  the exaggerated lips of Jessika Power only serve to distract from her natural beauty while the lips of Martha Kalfatidis just draw attention to her other churlish facial plastic surgery including her rhinoplasty.


As a renowned lip reshaping expert, I can say it is not just the  lips but also the surgically and “filter enhanced” faces and bodies that send a bad message to young people. It breeds insecurity, narcissism, depression and bland conformity whereby everyone starts to look the same.

Hot Lips, Cold Sores

 Stress, weather, chemicals and injury to the lip can all awaken the virus in your body. But needle punctures can be particularly triggering for cold sores.   As one of the Beverly Hills top lip injector of fillers, Plastic Surgeon Dr Randal Haworth does see the occasional cold sore erupt 1-2 days after a treatment. It is for that reason, Dr Haworth recommends antiviral prophylaxis is select cases.

Cold sore herpes Simplex Type I of the lips
Cold sore herpes Simplex Type I which can occur after any lip procedure.

Of course, you can be prone to cold sores, get a lip filler and have no sign of an outbreak. But it’s good practice to be precautious and minimize the risk.

Dr Haworth notes that any cosmetic procedure which causes stress to your skin has the potential to stimulate cold sore recurrence. Cold sores are a prevalent affliction and are generally due to herpes virus (HSV) type one particular (generally oral herpes), with the minority (10%) being due to HSV type 2 (usually genital).

Many main infections of HSV-1 are asymptomatic, while recurrent infections can present as fever blisters at the vermillion border. Although cold sores may well not cause any long-term skin damage, they do possess the potential to cause scarring at the contaminated area.

Roughly two-thirds of a global population under 55 are infected with HSV-1. Primary illness develops in childhood through non-sexual contact usually, for example by sharing utensils or towels, but it is regularly assumed to be solely caused by kissing. If symptoms do present with primary infection, they take place two to 20 days after direct exposure.

Aesthetic procedures such as for example lasers, injectables, microneedling and chemical peeling often require limited or deliberate, manipulated trauma to skin, which includes the potential to trigger cold sore recurrence. Dr Haworth, the world’s foremost lip reshaping expert (including upper lip and corner lip lifts) will even warn his patients that his signature lip enhancements can trigger a herpes simplex outbreak. When a fever blister shows up after an aesthetic treatment, it could be devastating for the individual due to distress, pain and potential skin damage of a cosmetically very sensitive area. You will find a particular likelihood of scarring after ablative types of procedures (lasers, peels).

Cold sore prophylaxis can be recommended in the subsequent circumstances:

-More than three spontaneous occurrences every yea
-Previous eruption at any time, as a result of a procedure
-Lip augmentation and HSV eruption regardless of date or time
-Facial resurfacing procedures; anything that breaches skin carrier, and especially medium or deep peels, facial skin lasabrasion, microneedling and microdermabrasion

Immunocompromised patients

Prophylaxis Dr Haworth recommends includes predosing with Valtrex 500mg daily for 2 days to continue for 3 after the procedure. He’ll substitute 1000 mg daily in particularly susceptible individuals.

Randal Haworth MD, FACS

Want to look this good at 40? LA-based plastic surgeon reveals the secrets to actress Esther Anderson’s age-defying looks

She’s the former Home and Away star who looks half her age. 

And now an LA-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Randal Haworth, has revealed the secrets to actress Esther Anderson’s age-defying looks. 

According to Dr. Haworth, the 40-year-old’s stunning looks and physique is likely down to looking after herself, and perhaps a ‘mini abdominoplasty’.

Esther Anderson
She’s hot to trot! LA-based plastic surgeon reveals the secrets to Esther Anderson’s age-defying looks

 ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if Esther dabbled in a minor ”mommy makeover”, involving a mini abdominoplasty, whereby the small scar is hidden below the bikini line,’ Dr. Haworth speculated.  

‘This procedure can add the final bit of polish to an otherwise flawless 40-year-old physique.’

The Australian actress is the mother to son Forest Jack, who turns one in August. 

One hot Mama! The Australian actress is mother to son Forest Jack, who turns one in August. Dr. Haworth said she may have had a mini abdominoplasty

Dr. Haworth complimented the star for looking so good, saying her flawless looks are also likely down to genetics, diet, exercise, staying out of the sun and watching her weight during pregnancy. 

‘Esther would be the envy of a majority of my female patients over 35 who have had children in the past,’ Dr. Haworth said. 

‘Indeed, she is one of a select few who can boast a body 15 years younger than it is which is especially impressive after the birth of her child.’

What do you think? Dr. Haworth complimented the star for looking so good, saying her flawless looks are also down to genetics, diet, exercise, staying out of the sun and watching her weight during pregnancy

Daily Mail Australia has contacted representatives of Esther for comment in relation to this article. 

Earlier this month, Esther thrilled fans with bikini-clad holiday pics from her trip to Ibiza with British advertising husband Howard Moggs.  

Esther’s Instagram followers were left stunned by her youthful appearance, with one person saying she looked almost half her age.

So hot she needs to cool down! Earlier this month meanwhile, Esther thrilled fans with bikini-clad holiday pics from her trip to Ibiza with British advertising husband Howard Moggs

Impressed: Esther’s Instagram followers were left stunned by her youthful appearance, with one person saying she looked almost half her age
Woah Mama! Esther is pictured while pregnant

‘How do you keep in shape? You have a figure of a 20-year-old and you have a baby,’ the fan commented.

‘Fantastic shape… envious mothers everywhere!’ read a similar comment.

Green with envy! ‘Fantastic shape… envious mothers everywhere!’ read a similar comment


Has the Upper Lip Lift gone Mainstream?

Blanketing Instagram may be the pout of the moment: an ample, upturned mouth revealing front pearly whites. It’s a look that has generated a fresh trend in cosmetic surgery: the lip lift. “Social media is driving a whole lot of esthetic selections,” says Andrew Jacono, a Park Avenue cosmetic surgeon, but “the voluptuous lip is not something you may get with injections. Filling lips only makes them appear to be sausages but doesn’t change their condition. Only the upper lip lift can naturally turnthe lip up and out.” The 30-minute office procedure excises tissue from just underneath the nose to shorten the distance between nose and mouth, causing the top lip to relax a bit, exposing more teeth, or “tooth show.” In Gen Z’ers and young millennials, it gives an ideal selfie pout; in older candidates, it can shave up to 7 years from the countenance ($3,000-$10,000).

As upper lips age, they elongate to eventually hide the upper teeth, while lower lips drop to expose the bottom teeth. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Randal Haworth says lips, like breasts, go over time south. “When Angelina [Jolie] was 19, she had an insouciant mouth and had the Bardot upper tooth exposure ,” he says. “Nowadays her lip is starting to hide her teeth. It is the same with Jane Fonda.” Jacono offers that face-lifts improve the corners of the mouth but don’t address the problem: “Shortening the top lip is probably the most effective esthetic procedures I really do.”

Some surgeons will work with dentists to coordinate how much teeth to show.

“Showing 2 millimeters of tooth while you are at rest is ideal,says Manhattan esthetic dental professional Lana Rozenberg, who claims patients once requested heavier veneers to push away the lip for pout.

Now the Bugs Rabbit look can’t be avoided can be avoided, with surgeons just like NYC’s Oren Tepper working with esthetic dentist Jonathan Levine to open LipSync. “Ten years past, there was an ‘aha’ moment when hands were an era giveaway. Now we realize the mouth is a lot more telling, ” says Tepper.

A before and after of a conservative upper lip liftA before and after of a conservative upper lip lift
A conservative upper lip lift result accompanying the Hollywood reporter article, performed by another plastic surgeon. result accompanying the Hollywood reporter article, performed by another plastic surgeon.

There is one disadvantage to a lip lift; its scar. “You can hide part of the incision inside the nostrils, but there is usually always some visibility at the bottom edge of the nasal area, ” says Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Leif Rogers, adding “If not done properly, it can change the look of the nose. “

Dr. Haworth acknowledged this as a problem about 15 years ago, ever since patients began complaining of this subtle nasal change. He realized there were two factors playing a part in this:

  1. Excess tension around the incision line where the upper lip attaches to the nose and …
  2. When the incision is made into the nose in a good faith attempt to hide the scar.

This led him to evolve his methods as a necessity to meet the increasingly discerning tastes of his patients. “Cutting into the nasal still can be a disaster even though it is motivated by goodwill towards the patients. By cutting into the nose, it breaks the circular stability of the nostril itself thus allowing it to “unfurl” and migrate inferiorly.

Another thing I have discovered is that when a lip lift is performed, it mustn’t just resist the downward forces of gravity but it must also resist the hundreds of thousands of mouth movements that occur per day. That’s why I needed to develop the OOS Upper Lip Lift which involves securing the upper lip to the strong lining of the bone around the base of the nose (periosteum). This technique is clearly superior to any skin-only lip lift whether it is modified or not. This results in a superior results in terms of beauty, scarring, lack of nasal distortion and longevity.


What happened to Jessie Habermann’s face? Footy WAG displays a noticeably smoother jawline at a Mother’s Day lunch – amid rumours she transformed her looks with Botox and fillers

She’s rumoured to have undergone various cosmetic procedures in the past.

And Jessie Murphy (née Habermann) looked noticeably different while attending a Mother’s Day luncheon in Melbourne on Friday.

The footy WAG’s jawline looked more ‘square’ than usual, especially when compared to older photos that show her with a distinctive pointy chin. 

What happened? Jessie Habermann’s jawline looked more ‘square’ than usual on Friday, sparking rumours she’s undergone cosmetic enhancements. left pic Jessie now, and right pic what she looked like in 2016

The apparent change in Jessie’s chin shape means her once heart-shaped face has taken on more oblong dimensions.

Meanwhile, the tip of her nose also seems more lifted and refined, and her complexion looks remarkably taut and wrinkle free.

It comes after leading plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth said that Jessie may have ‘stayed ahead of the game’ with the help of cosmetic procedures.

Tweaks? Last year, plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth said that Jessie may have ‘stayed ahead of the game’ with the help of cosmetic procedures. left pic Jessie in September 2018, and right pic in 2009

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in October 2018, Dr Haworth said he believes Jessie has undergone a breast augmentation, as well using Botox and fillers over the years. 

‘I am quite confident she has neither changed her nose nor augmented her cheeks or jawline [surgically],’ said the Beverly Hills-based surgeon.

‘However, her face does seem more elegantly defined perhaps with the help of a little makeup alongside a loss of “baby fat”.’ 

Dr. Haworth also observed that Jessie’s eyebrows appear to have subtly heightened over the years, and her lips have increased in size.

‘Her eyebrows in certain photographs appear elevated into a more graceful arch which, at her age, was most likely attained with Botox,’ he claimed.

Evolution of Jessie: A modelling photo of Jessie from several years ago shows her with smaller breasts and thinner lips

The celebrity doctor added: ‘A hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane was the most likely culprit behind her present, pleasingly plump lips.’

Since Jessie began dating her now-husband, Carlton captain Marc Murphy, in 2011, her changing appearance has sparked cosmetic surgery rumours.

Images from the late 2000s show her looking noticeably different compared to recent photos, sporting a smaller cup size and thinner lips. 

Just makeup? Today, Jessie’s overall face shape appears thinner and her lips plumper when compared to older photos. Pictured left: in 2009, and right: in March 2019

Dr. Haworth added: ‘What is most obvious [today] is her augmented bosom. Certain dresses reveal unnaturally round breasts with clearly defined edges. 

‘To me, that spells breast augmentation until proven otherwise. Despite this, I feel the size of her breasts do complement the rest of her body.’ 

He concluded: ‘All in all, I feel Jessie has matured into a young beautiful woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin.’ 

Surgery: Dr. Haworth also believes Jessie has likely undergone a breast enlargement.  Pictured left: in 2013, and right: in September 2016

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