Oculoplastic Surgery by Dr. Haworth


Dr. Haworth’s passion for medicine has become an art form. Since eyes define the face, Haworth is careful to not lose the essence of the patient, especially as the eyes are one of our most personal characteristics. Regardless of gender or age, he has created amazing results for our patients, many of whom are in the spotlight each day. Eye enhancements are not just for those who want to look younger, but can be an opportunity for those who desire a new shape or lift to correct a sad appearance or just want to look more exotic. Whatever your issue, Dr. Haworth will guide you into the process of enhancing your look with the highest level of professionalism. With his precision in the arts, Dr. Haworth invests extreme care and detail into his surgeries to create an eyelid appearance that is both natural and well-balanced with the entire face. This is his signature style.
The eyes and lips are the primary ways with which we communicate each day. They tell a story of how we feel even before we speak and convey our deepest emotions. Playing such a vital role in daily lives, it is understandable they need to look their best. Eye enhancements including blepharoplasties and brow lifts improve not only the freshness of eyes and their surrounding areas but also can correct eyelid drooping or sag.
Brow lifts, eye lifts and eyelid tightening are extremely popular as they remove years from your appearance. Dr. Haworth has a variety of tried-and-true methods that create a natural and rejuvenated result for these common issues. People are most concerned with looking overdone or changing their eye shape when it comes to rejuvenating these areas. This is where The Haworth Institute in Beverly Hills sets itself apart. Dr. Haworth has created processes to target problem areas while still maintaining a natural appearance after surgery.
Dr. Haworth offers a variety of procedures aimed at targeting different problem zones. The main categories include brow lift, blepharoplasty, canthoplasty and fat transfer. There are 3 main types of brow lifts that Dr. Haworth performs which include an endoscopic brow lift, pretrichial brow lift and Endotine Transbleph™ brow lift. These vary in method of incision and ultimate area of lift based on patient need. Blepharoplasty targets droopy eyelids with crepey skin as well as any protruding fat “bags” and can be utilized on both upper and lower eyelids. Fat transfers help remove dark hollow circles while contouring the eye area to produce a smoother transition from the eyelid into the cheek. Regardless of the cosmetic issue, Dr. Haworth aims to provide consistently excellent results. Peruse the before-and-after photo gallery to see just how much an eye enhancement can take years off your appearance. Droopy, saggy and wrinkled eyes will be a worry of the past!

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