Facial Plastic Surgery by Dr. Haworth


Restoring a youthful reflection to the face requires attention to both rejuvenating and reshaping major facial structures and restoring minor youth cues. Addressing the major youth cues by firming the neck, eradicating jowls and softening the nasolabial folds while recreating a strong jaw line will, at first glance, portray a more youthful appearance. However, by attending to minor youth cues such as lower eyelid dark circles (tear troughs), hollowing of the temples and the area in front of the ear and below the cheekbone, Dr. Haworth, facelift expert Beverly Hills, strives to create a more convincing portrait of youth.
Procedures for the face, both surgical and non-surgical, strive to achieve a more youthful appearance and to improve balance among facial features. Among the surgical services performed by Dr. Haworth, both a modified classic facelift and an endoscopic mid-facelift result in rejuvenation and reshaping through tightening and repositioning the structures of the face. Taking steps to achieve rejuvenation or reshaping of the face is a courageous and personal journey. As an expert surgeon in hyperaesthetics, innovator in plastic surgery technique and artist, Dr. Randal Haworth, located in Beverly Hills, confidently guides patients through decisions, sensitively making recommendations that lead to the desired visual balance and harmony among facial structures. Fat transfer through injection contours facial features and improves texture by filling in lines and creases. SurgiWire wrinkle release treats deep lines and scars by releasing fibrous connections. While not a substitute for surgical procedures, significant temporary and long-term results may be achieved with these less invasive services. Long-term structural improvement and balance to the face may be achieved with facial implants. Dr. Randal Haworth custom selects and fits all implants to perfectly suit you and your face for the most natural look possible. To learn more about these and other procedures follow links above.

Setting Patient Expectations

“Plastic surgery won’t make you happy, but it can make you happier.” Dr. Haworth makes a point of serving each individual patient’s needs and defining overall expectations from any plastic surgery procedure. As he states in his blog, “Plastic surgery will not make you happy, but it can make you happier.” In simple terms, this allows me to assess whether a patient is fundamentally happy and balanced prior to operating on them. For some, this will mean avoid serving them out of compassion to better serve them. We at the Haworth Institute adhere to a basic principle of delivering the best service possible in order to maximally satisfy our patients.

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