Good skin will always be in style. Our skin tells a history, whether through age spots or sun damage, and the elements go to work on our bodies every day. Fortunately, there are non-surgical procedures that can reverse the damage and turn back the hand of time*. Dr. Haworth has a discerning eye and repertoire of the latest technology for skin treatments guaranteed to improve skin radiance. With many of his patients in the spotlight, it’s important to have flawless skin for the cameras. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a celebrity for the best of skin treatments. Through an extensive consultation, Dr. Haworth customizes a plan that best enhances and improves the look of your skin, targeting your own key issues. Non-surgical treatments are a great solution for quick refreshers with minimal discomfort and The Beverly Hills Skin Lab is the answer to your rejuvenated skin.
For those who might be hesitant to undergo surgical procedures, there are still a number of ways to improve your appearance. The Haworth Institute of Beverly Hills offers a variety of non-surgical treatments that tighten the skin, increase skin volume and radiance, help prevent hair loss, or promote permanent hair reduction*. Many of the most well-known of these options work to either provide quick lifts to offset skin wrinkles, or work on skin discoloration and damage. Depending on your specific need, Dr. Haworth has solutions that improve your skin with longer-term results*. He has experience with a vast number of the latest procedures and is well versed in the perfect regimens for skin correction. These non-surgical treatments can make a major change in the overall facial appearance with little to no healing time. Depending on the target area, we offer both non-invasive and injectable skin treatments in our Beverly Hills Skin Lab. The non-invasive procedures can consist of lasers or high intensity lights to fix age spots, broken capillaries, fine lines and Rosacea. Roll-CIT ® is an example of a highly popular device that consists of a roller attached with micro needles to facilitate collagen and elastin production. Another popular treatment called Lumenis® uses intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) to remove skin damage and visible veins. This procedure is advancement from older techniques such as peels or deep dermabrasion which are often painful. Laser Resurfacing (C02) helps remove layers of damaged and wrinkled skin, working as a superficial peel. This is an aggressive treatment with high precision for qualified candidates. Our Beverly Hills Skin Lab is also well versed in laser hair removal, which works on both the body and the face for smooth hair free skin*. Injectable treatments are most often referred to as fillers, and plump the skin while promoting collagen production. These treatments can last anywhere up to 1.5 years after injection, for long-lasting results*. Among the most well-known of these fillers is Botox, ® which is primarily used on the face to reduce wrinkles and lines. Restylane® and Juvederm Ultra® are also familiar fillers that promote firmer skin with wrinkle reduction, and even can be applied for lip augmentations. The Haworth Institute of Beverly Hills also utilizes the best in skin care products for our patients, even incorporating these same products into our post-surgery regimens. Understanding the fundamentals of healthy and radiant skin is the first step in choosing the right skin treatments, and Dr. Haworth has a wealth of tested knowledge. The Beverly Hills Skin Lab will take great care in evaluating your skin for a personalized and affective treatment. For information on the services available, please refer to our Skin Lab page as well as our Non-Surgical Treatment procedures pages.
* Results may vary from person to person

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