Lip Reshaping Surgery by Dr. Haworth


Dr. Haworth has paved a history of aesthetic precision in his work and this can be clearly appreciated in his ground breaking lip reshaping surgery. When dealing with the face, it is of highest concern that enhancements not look fake or overdone, but blend in naturally with the rest of the features. Dr. Haworth uses his skilled background in the arts to shape pouts that are beautifully full and soft, with attention to details such as roundness and lift. With over 20 years of experience, the Haworth Institute of Beverly Hills has become the gold standard for lip surgeries in all forms. Lips are the gateway to the face and define our unique expressions, which is why the Haworth Institute of Beverly Hills has stood out in lip enhancement surgeries. Dr. Haworth is able to mix his passion to artfully draw and shape beautiful lips with his expertise in the latest medical advancements for amazing results.
Lips are a focal point of the face and one of the most revered parts of the body. A full and firm pout ties together the facial features as well as creates a youthful and fresh look at any age. As a pioneer of lip shaping techniques, Dr. Haworth has become the master of the perfect pout. His procedures focus not only on lip volume, but more importantly, on lip shape and texture. Before surgically reshaping the lips, he considers all parts of the face for the overall result and balance. An artist’s eye is critical when creating lips that appear naturally beautiful, youthful and symmetrical.
Aging affects the lips just as with any other part of the body, but lips are generally one of the most obvious yet neglected areas. Loss of volume, elasticity, fine lines and drooping can become a big issue as we get older and unfortunately, many patients simply turn to lip fillers as a quick refresher. Dr. Haworth of Beverly Hills stresses the importance of natural looking enhancement, which means more detail in sculpting and shaping. Bigger doesn’t always mean better without the consideration for balance that Dr. Haworth focuses on in his procedures.
There are many lip reshaping procedures that Dr. Haworth of Beverly Hills performs including upper, lower and corner lip lifts, fat transfer, FATMA and V-Y plasties. Within each of these main foci, we offer a number of specialized solutions depending on each patient’s needs. Whether it be to elevate your lips, refine shape, restore volume with fat, or to roll out inverted lips with the FATMA procedure, we have options that work best for you.

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