Lower Lips & V-Y PLASTY by Dr. Haworth

Terminology Notes for Lower Lip V-Y Plasty

A Lower Lip lift incorporating V-Y plasties or other tissue rearrangements helps solve the difficult problem of the aging lower lip. An aging lower lip manifests itself as a lip that flattens in shape, thins while turning inward towards the teeth (except in times if a weak, underdeveloped chin is present as well) and drops downward to expose the lower teeth (the opposite effect of a dropping upper lip).

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Through a simple operation involving minor muscle tightening and rearrangement of the tissue located just inside of the lower lip, the above effects can be significantly lessened. However, complete correction with any current technique is heretofore near impossible.


The most appropriate candidates for lip reshaping and fat transfer are patients who have:

  • A desire for more permanent results than temporary injectable fillers (which only address volume anyway)
  • Lips that have become thin, inverted, shapeless or sagging with age
  • Had other facial rejuvenation surgeries and want their lips to sync up with the rest of their face
  • Had a rhinoplasty and find that their upper lip is too long
  • Naturally unbalanced lips
  • Naturally thin, inverted or flat lips that are nearly invisible, imparting an angry expression

Those who already possess ideally shaped lips but desire a bit more plumpness may only need added lip volume. Our practice offers both temporary (injectable filler) and permanent (fat transfer) augmentation.

Operation and Recovery Logistics

SURGERY DURATION: 20-30 minutes

ANESTHESIA: Local or IV sedation (“twilight sleep”)

SUTURES: All sutures are dissolvable therefore none need be removed.

Post-Operative Care

RECOVERY TIME: Some noticeable swelling for 2-3 weeks making the lower lip protrude more than normal.

SCAR HEALING: No visible scarring since all the incisions are done inside the mouth.

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