SurgiWire Wrinkle Release by Dr. Haworth


THE GOAL: to diminish the appearance deep lines, scars and depressions without cutting.
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SURGIWIRE™ is a trademarked technology by Coapt Systems, Inc. that represents an elegant breakthrough in treating deep lines and scars. It works by quickly separating the fibrous connections of a depression from its underlying tissues, succeeding in literally releasing it without trauma. SurgiWire™ Release can be performed on its own or in conjunction with fat transfer or dermal filler injections for:
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Acne scars on the cheeks and elsewhere
  • Frown, forehead and crow’s feet lines
  • Upper and lower radial lip lines
  • Cellulite ‘tufting’, dimpling and indentations
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The most appropriate candidates for SurgiWire™ Release are:
  • Patients who would like an alternative to fillers or use not as much or as frequently
  • Patients with wrinkles and scars so deep that fillers alone aren’t enough to erase them such as stubborn laugh lines
  • Patients with adhered scars, depressions or cellulite dimples anywhere on the body


Of course, individual results can vary, but SurgiWire™ Release can deliver a smoother looking surface. It may, however, not be enough to completely fill a depression to your liking. In that case, laser treatment, fat transfer, dermal filler or Botox may be a necessary adjunct. What SurgiWire™ Release cannot do is:
  • Completely erase all scars
  • Replace the rejuvenation effects of more extensive facial surgeries
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Deep line treatment, soft tissue augmentation and scar treatments have become significantly more sophisticated than in generations past, resulting in a far superior outcomes than ever before. The SurgiWire™ represents a real breakthrough because: STRUCTURALLY SOUND – It actually alters the structure of lines, scars and depressions rather than just masking them with filler. It allows your doctor to release the underlying attachments in the skin that cause noticeable lines between the brows, or along the sides of the nose. Depressed acne scars may also be improved. wrinkle relase INCISION FREE – No incisions mean that scarring is essentially avoided
wrinkle relase
LONGEVITY – Fillers can wear away over time whereas the SurgiWire™ Release results may be permanent
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It is absolutely essential that that you avoid all aspirin, aspirin-related, ibuprofen or blood-thinning medications for 2 full weeks prior to your surgery. In your pre-op consultation, we will give you a complete list of these drugs. For our patients, we also provide a password-protected link allowing you to download the list onto your computer. If in doubt about a specific medication, do not take it, call the office first and ask if it is on the forbidden list.
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SURGERY DURATION: 30 to 45 minutes ANESTHESIA: Local (if done as a stand-alone procedure) SUTURES REMOVED: No sutures The doctor makes a few tiny punctures in the skin with special needles and directs a very fine surgical wire under the skin beneath the wrinkle. The wire is removed completely and the deep line is released. There are no incisions.


Since SurgiWire™ release is non-invasive, you may return to your normal activities a day or two afterwards. You may resume more vigorous exercise and sports 3 to 4 days after the procedure. Ice the area site for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure to reduce minor swelling. Discomfort will be minimal; we can prescribe painkillers if necessary. Some minor bruising is normal, however, one may utilize cover-up the day after the procedure. Dr Haworth will want to see you the next day to check for any small, localized fluid collections. If you are having SurgiWire™ Release in conjunction with more extensive surgeries, follow the post-op instructions for those. Results last a variable length of time. A number of factors, includ- ing heredity and lifestyle, all play a role in your long-term results.
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Though it involves no incisions, SurgiWire™ is still surgery, albeit a minor one. No surgery is entirely risk-free. However, both our staff and facilities have the highest possible qualifications to produce a happy outcome. While risks and complications are extremely rare, be aware that those for SurgiWire Release can include:
  • Small hemotomas (collections of blood under the skin, more common in men than women)
  • Small entry-point scars
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