Plastic Surgery for your breasts by Dr. Haworth


With years of experience and sharp eye for detail, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth has created a new standard in breast enhancement. His artistic touch allows him to enhance what the patient already has and work with their individual desires. Regardless of body type, Dr. Haworth takes a hands-on approach to each patient, designing a natural and more desirable look to their breasts and overall cleavage. Each surgery considers the contour of shape based on individual body frame for the best possible look, size and position. This means that each procedure has a unique scale and personalized touch.
Breast enhancement is far more than a simple augmentation. Regardless of which breast procedure patients choose, the goal is to have fuller and beautiful breasts. The varieties of procedures that Dr. Haworth offers are customized to improve breast shape and size for each individual. Whether deciding to go forward with a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reshaping or breast reduction, Dr. Haworth’s procedures highlight the best contour and youthful shape for breasts of all sizes. Fuller breasts and natural cleavage have always been desired and surgical advancements today allow for more sophistication than ever before. Utilizing his surgical expertise, along with an artist’s approach to the body, Dr. Haworth is able to sculpt cleavage that beautifully frames the chest. He is also able to minimize any appearance of surgery, allowing breasts to fall naturally and enhance the overall final result. Breast procedures offered by Dr. Haworth include: Mastopexy, Augmentation, Implant Revision, and Reduction. Mastopexy is a procedure to restore a natural and youthful contour to breast shape that might have been lost due to pregnancy, aging, nursing or changes in weight. Augmentation enhances breast size and cleavage for those desiring larger chests or breast volume. Implant Revision adjusts the placement of existing implants to improve position and shape of the breasts as well as promote a natural drainage system. Breast Reduction procedures help reduce the size of larger breasts as well as offer a more youthful shape and cleavage. Each procedure is carefully planned with you to make sure you achieve your final goal. A consultation with Dr. Haworth will detail your needs as well as devise a plan for your best look. For more information on our menu of enhancement options, please explore the procedures pages and explore your opportunities.

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