Dr. Randal Haworth is considered one of the world’s foremost rhinoplasty specialists, dealing with both primary rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty revision. Located in Beverly Hills, Dr. Haworth brings his artistry and experience to the practice of facial plastic surgery. Among the traits possessed by the world’s top rhinoplasty specialists is an advanced understanding of the nasal anatomy and functionality as well as an exceptional surgical skill to perform both primary and revision procedures properly.
“Even though a high level of technical skill is needed to translate intention into form with rhinoplasty surgery, an artistic vision with keen aesthetic sensibility is necessary to allow a result to transcend from good to great. This is why I am so passionate about performing rhinoplasty – I consider it a constant challenge, prompting me to always critically evaluate myself and become better at what I do.”
All rhinoplasties are generally performed on an outpatient basis using sedative or general anesthesia. To gain access to the nasal bone and cartilage, Dr. Haworth creates hidden incisions inside of the nose where they cannot be seen. He then reshapes and resizes the nose after a detailed consultation with the patient to determine their individual goals and what may look best to suit their overall facial appearance.
*Plastic & cosmetic surgery results may vary significantly between patients

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