Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer For The Eyes and Forehead

The upper and lower eyelid regions lose vital fat leading to progressive deepening of the eyes, dark circles and the illusion that the eyes are actually closer together than they actually were in young adulthood. Compounding this scenario is accompanying fat loss in the brows, temples and forehead leading to a gaunt appearance. Upper and Lower Eyelids – Using advanced, highly finessed techniques, Dr. Haworth restores fat to the upper eyelid making the eyes more “open”, almond shaped and wider spaced. For the lower eyelid, he carefully transfers fat to the “tear troughs” or lower eyelid hollows to reduce the appearance of dark circles and in turn, create a smooth transition from the lower eyelid into the cheek itself. When combined with an endoscopic mid facelift to elevate the cheek back to the lower lid, results are nothing short of spectacular. Forehead and Temples – Specifically, with age, the forehead tends to flatten, losing the youthful convexity of youth. Concavity ensues resulting in a more pronounced ridge along the eyebrows. Additionally, the temples become hollow imparting an aged, bony appearance to the upper third of the face. Unfortunately, women seem to suffer from this pattern of aging more significantly then men. Fortunately, fat transfer is an excellent solution to restore lost volume in these regions. Not only does a patient look naturally refreshed but aesthetic focus is directed back towards the eyes while the face appears more diamond shaped and shorter.

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