Botox Treatments with Dr. Haworth


Botox® is a member of a family of aesthetic treatments consisting of botulinum neurotoxin Type A. Other members of this closely knit family are Dysport® and Xeomen®, which with slightly differing characteristics. Botulinum neurotoxin Type A is a byproduct of bacteria that paralyses muscles and is responsible for the potentially deadly condition known as Botulism, but when administered in precise amounts, this highly regulated compound can selectively immobilize the minute muscles that are responsible for unwanted wrinkles, lines, sags, expressions and perspiration. Whether you look tired, need a quick refresher or are bothered by crow’s feet, a lowered brow or the deep “11′ grooves between your eyebrows, Botox® may be your solution. Of course, individual results can vary, but Botox® is best known for rapidly and effectively relaxing age-related wrinkles without surgery or fillers. Albeit it achieves its goal via a completely different mechanism from fillers (which work through plumping up folds and hollows), Botox® can smooth away trouble areas around the eyes, neck and mouth which often cause people to look much older than they are.
For cosmetic purposes, Botox® is generally administered around the eyes (often called crow’s feet), between the brows and in the forehead. Additionally, it can be used to raise the eyebrows to give a subtle browlift, raise the corner of the mouths, lessen the neck lines and bands and smooth out the chin. While the substance has gained tremendous popularity worldwide due to safety and predictability, patients should be cautious about where to get treatment in order to maximally ensure a good and desirable outcome. Results depend greatly on the injector’s experience, technique and artistic eye. Many who have a too “frozen” or unnatural look (such as a malevolent, samurai or “Spock” eyebrow) may have not been injected optimally for their facial features-the site and dosage of each injection is important. Rarely a ptotic or droopy eyelid may result, even in the best of hands. If you have ever experienced a heavy brow from a past Botox® treatment (whereby your forehead is smooth at the expense or a lowered eyebrow), then it is important to alert your doctor of this occurrence before he or she injects you again. The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes and is relatively painless especially with the unique method Dr Haworth employs when administering Botulinum toxin. He refers to this method as Zentox and you can read about it here. Most patients will see the effects within 2 to 3 days though it can take up to 2 weeks to see the complete result. The effects can last from 3-7 months depending upon the dosage, area injected and unique metabolism of each individual person. As with any injection, bruising is a possibility but self-limited.

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