Facial Fat Transfer by Dr. Haworth

Facial Fat Transfer

Nobody said that aging will be kind to your face. Indeed, nothing can display aging more than a gaunt appearance in the cheeks. This can be ruthless even in former supermodels with enviable bone structure. Though the great cheekbones and jawline remain, the soft, fatty cushion of youth seems to melt away leaving a severe, masculine look to a now elongated, rectangular face. Fat transfer is an excellent solution to reverse this visual conundrum. By carefully and methodically placing the fat in multiple layers in that space between the cheekbone and jawline including the nasolabial fold (that stubborn line that runs from the nose to the corner of the mouth), profound rejuvenation can be obtained. The results are not only permanent but natural and after a year or so, even skin blemishes and pigment irregularities have been corrected.

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