Fuller Lips with Fat Transfer by Dr. Haworth

Fat Transfer For The Lips

Dr. Haworth’s rule of thumb is to always ensure a beautiful shape of the lips before adding volume, whether by temporary filler or permanent fat. This is one area where over correction is important to ensure a meaningful aesthetic result. With fat transfer alone to the lips, subtle shape changes such as an elevated corner or highlighted vermillion border or ‘white roll’ can be attained. It is important to have a deep appreciation of aesthetic proportion of the lips as it pertains to the size and shape of the upper vis-à-vis the lower. Unlike the breasts, body, eyes or face, the upper lip should not be a replica of the lower nor vice versa. Fat can be successfully transferred into the vermillion border, upper and lower lip and also into the subtle irregularities that surround the pink lips themselves such as marionette folds, creases and the vertical wrinkles known as “smokers lines”. As with all plastic surgical procedures, it is imperative to have realistic expectations as to what fat transfer can achieve and what it cannot. During your consultation, ask questions-your plastic surgeon should give you the skinny in regards to fat.

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