Reflecting on Iggy Azalea’s transformation

Iggy Azalea's

Iggy Azalea, the Australian rapper who has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over a decade, has undergone significant changes in her appearance over the course of her career. She burst onto the music scene with her iconic ice-blonde hair and fair skin, quickly earning her a fan base. However, her facial features and physique have transformed over the years.

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth, Azalea’s facial features may have been further altered, other than the rhinoplasty, which ‘straightened and narrowed her nose’. He believes she may have opted for a chin augmentation and mandibular angle enhancement to achieve a more defined and sculpted jawline.

In a 2015 interview with Vogue, Azalea confessed to having had a breast enlargement. She has repeatedly denied rumors of butt implants, stating that her butt is real. After Azalea’s pregnancy in 2020, there were rumors about her postpartum body. Despite denying any assistance, there was still curiosity surrounding Azalea’s rapid return to her recognizable hourglass figure.

Overall, Azalea’s appearance has undergone significant changes, with her figure becoming more voluptuous and her facial features becoming more defined and sculpted. Despite these changes, she remains a prominent figure in the music industry, attracting a devoted following of fans with her infectious beats and bold lyrics.

Despite the denial, there was still curiosity surrounding Azalea’s rapid return to her recognizable hourglass figure. Some speculated that she may have undergone additional cosmetic procedures, while others believed that her body transformation was due to her rigorous workout routine and diet.

However, it’s worth noting that while Azalea’s physical appearance has certainly undergone significant changes over the years, her talent as a musician has remained a constant. She continues to release hit singles and collaborate with other artists, earning critical acclaim for her work.

In fact, Azalea has also been recognized for her business acumen, having successfully launched her own makeup line and even created a presence for herself on the subscription-based adult entertainment platform OnlyFans. With her loyal fan base and entrepreneurial spirit, it’s clear that Iggy Azalea is much more than just her appearance.

In conclusion, Iggy Azalea’s transformation has been a subject of fascination for many fans and critics alike. While her changing appearance has been well-documented, her success in the music industry and her entrepreneurial ventures speak to her talent and business acumen. Ultimately, Azalea’s story serves as a reminder that one’s appearance should not overshadow their accomplishments and talents.

Iggy Azalea Before And After Plastic Surgery Transformation & What Kind Of Surgery She Got?

In a recent interview, Iggy Azalea said that the rumors that she had plastic surgery to get back in shape after giving birth were untrue.

The 30-year-old Australian rapper credited a balanced diet and the fact that she was in terrific shape before becoming pregnant for her toned body, which she revealed to a fan on Twitter.

While that may be true, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the Fancy hitmaker had had surgery in the past.
From a rumored chin implant to a nose operation and breast augmentation, Iggy’s look has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years.

Recent photographs of the celebrity reveal a very different person from the young blonde who burst into the scene in 2012.

Iggy looks very different in photos from when she was 23 years old. She has smaller lips, a bigger nose, and a flatter breast.

She has been quite forthright about her plastic surgery history, which includes a rhinoplasty and breast implants.

Iggy Azalea Before And After

But she insists her naturally large buttocks aren’t anything to be ashamed of.

Dr. Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills, who examined the singer last year, speculated to Daily Mail Australia that she may have had more cosmetic surgery to alter the structure of her face.

Although Dr. Haworth has not personally seen or treated Iggy, he notes that she has made some “subtle” and “wonderful” improvements.

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Iggy, in his opinion, is a great “canvas” for a plastic surgeon to show off his or her skills.

Results can be magnificent and undetectable to the untrained eye if done correctly.

Dr. Haworth speculates that Iggy may have had “a chin augmentation as well as mandibular angle enhancement to give her a more refined, “modelesque” jawline” in addition to her rhinoplasty, which he says “straightened and narrowed her nose.”
She could have had this done with solid silicone implants or with commercially available injectable fillers, but in either case the results would be “spectacularly non-obvious,” as he put it.

Iggy, who was born in Mullumbimby, NSW, and who came to the United States when she was 16 years old, has always been open about the fact that she had breast implants implanted.

“I acquired larger boobs four months ago!” She revealed her lifelong preoccupation with the idea to the fashion bible Vogue in 2015.

She addressed her decision to go public with her new appearance in an interview with E! afterward.

‘I love them so much I had to talk about them,’ she said. ‘ Everyone agreed that “I don’t believe you need to say anything since no one would ever know because they’re so little”. Rather than keeping my thoughts to myself, I blurted out, “I know but I’m just going to say it [because] I’m a blabber mouth!”

I think it would be better if I didn’t have a secret. It’s easier to say it out loud, she said, since you don’t have to fear that someone would go looking for it.

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The rumors that bootylicious Iggy has had “butt implants” persist, despite her openness about her willingness to undergo surgical procedures.

She denied having bum implants in an interview with Australian radio hosts Stav, Abby & Matt in 2017. Although they aren’t my natural breasts, this is my actual butt.
Iggy’s incredible post-baby physique is the result of strict dieting and intense exercise, she said earlier this week, ruling out plastic surgery as a possible explanation.

On Monday, a Twitter user commented on her looks by writing, “I’m not having a baby till I can afford what these celebs are doing to look like weeks after giving birth.”

In response, Iggy tweeted, “All you have to do is monitor what you eat when you’re pregnant and already have a six pack previously. It’s risk-free; all you need is the willpower to see it through for nine months.

Iggy Azalea’s cosmetic surgery transformation revealed amidst blackfishing allegations

Iggy Azalea has been quashing rumors that her looks are courtesy of various surgical procedures just like she denied blackfishing recently

Iggy Azalea was in the news recently after fans and critics leveled “blackfishing” allegations against the rapper. In layman terms, blackfishing is similar to catfishing and it refers to someone who resorts to different ways – including makeup – to appear Black or racially ambiguous. The term was coined by hip-hop journalist Wanna Thompson in 2018. 

The Australian-born rapper said she shot the video of ‘I Am The Stripclub‘ in a dimly lit room with red lights. Rubbishing all blackfishing allegations, Azalea said she has been using the same makeup for years and has been the same color as she has always been. It’s the same makeup from every other part of the video just with a Smokey eye and different wig. Just ignore them, who cares? Let ’em talk,” she said while replying to one of her fans on Twitter.

This is not the first time Azalea’s looks have sparked controversy. She has been battling plastic surgery rumors for many years. Even though she has admitted to having gotten rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, Azalea in the past claimed her famous butt is courtesy of a clean diet and exercise while continuing to never address rumors about her silicone jaw amongst other things. Here’s a rundown of all the times Azalea defended herself over her transformed looks.


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‘It is my real butt’

In 2017, Azalea in an interview with Stav, Abby, and Matt on an Australian radio program said, “No, I don’t have bum implants! They’re not my real boobs, but it is my real butt.” After having a baby, Iggy debuted her washboard abs in a couple of months and once again denied rumors that she went under the knife to look perfect. Azalea is very connected to her fans on Twitter and communicates with them throughout the day. It was during one such interaction where she said she was in great shape when pregnant and that coupled with a healthy diet was responsible for her godly post-pregnancy body. 

However, Azalea has never shied away from talking about her boobs which she got done in 2015, candidly at that. “Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life,” she told Vogue the same year. Talking to E! about why she chose to address it in the media, she said, “I love them so much I had to talk about them,” she revealed. “Everybody did say, ‘I don’t think you need to say it because no one will ever know because they’re so small.’ I said, ‘I know but I’m just going to say it [because] I’m a blabbermouth!”‘ Azalea added before saying, “I’d feel better not to have some secret. It’s much freer to say it and then you don’t have to worry someone will dig it up,’ she added.”

Iggy Azalea performs onstage during iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014, hosted by Z100 New York and presented by Goldfish Puffs at Madison Square Garden on December 12, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Dr Randal Haworth, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, spoke to a publication in 2019 and noted that the musician might have made additional changes to her face more than she lets on. Azalea had been open about getting a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation but Haworth argued that she might have invested in a couple of “subtle” and “beautiful” procedures to fine-tune her already flawless visage. “Iggy is what I would describe as an excellent ‘canvas’ on which a plastic surgeon can reveal his work,” Haworth observed. “When done right, results can be sublime and indiscernible to a layman’s eye,” he said.

Haworth himself didn’t treat Azalea but he believed she underwent “a chin augmentation as well as mandibular angle enhancement to give her a more refined, modelesque jawline.” He further added, “This can be done either with solid silicone implants or off-the-shelf injectable fillers, but either way, her results are spectacularly non-obvious.”

Azalea hasn’t commented on Haworth’s observations about her looks.

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My, how you’ve changed! Alex Perry looks worlds away from his days as a budding designer – as he sports a VERY puffy face at Fashion Week

Alex Perry has been in the fashion game for over two decades, winning global praise for his eponymous couture label. 

And just as fashion trends change over the years, so too has the 58-year-old’s facial features.  

Stepping out at Afterpay Fashion Week Australia on Wednesday to host a live interview with P.E Nation designers Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, the catwalk king looked worlds away his days as fashion newcomer.  

Alex, who has made no secret of his love of fillers and Botox, sported a distinctly puffy visage as he chatted to the women on-stage. 

His lips and cheekbones appeared to jut out more than they did in his youth, while his complexion seemed very taut. 

It comes after a leading plastic surgeon accused the Australian fashion designer of ‘excessive’ use of anti-wrinkle injections.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in 2018, Beverly Hills surgeon to the stars Dr. Randal Haworth observed how Alex, 55, looks remarkably different in before and after photos and may have taken things too far. 

Dr Haworth claimed Alex’s face now looked ‘crowded’ as a result of ‘too much’ filler.

‘There is no denying that Mr. Perry has undergone significant change to his countenance,’ Dr. Haworth noted.

‘Compared to his younger self, his face is now ‘crowded’, making his eyes appear smaller and closer set.

‘Most likely, a generous recipe of injected filler and more than a drizzle of Botox in and around his forehead, brows and temples contributed to this look.’

‘Additionally, his mid-face (the area between his lower eyes and upper lip) has been amply plumped to attain the ‘apple cheek’, a feature I feel is best left flatter in men,’ Dr. Haworth added.

The doctor went on to say that it’s hard to determine whether Alex’s cosmetic work is permanent or temporary.

‘Hopefully the fillers used to obtain Mr. Perry’s current look are absorbable and therefore temporary,’ he said. 

‘However, if fat was used (which is a permanent, living filler) his options, unfortunately, will be more limited.’

Unsure: The doctor went on to say that it’s hard to determine whether Alex’s cosmetic work is permanent or temporary

Alex, whose celebrity fans include Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, told Yahoo in 2013 that he is not ashamed of using fillers and Botox. 

‘There is nothing not real, there are a few fillers and there is a bit of Botox but that’s that. That’s normal, right?… It’s all real. It’s all real,’ he said.     

In 2016, the Australia’s Next Top Model judge was famously criticised for his appearance by one of the show’s contestants, Kassidy Ure.

After Alex criticised her photos, the then 21-year-old sniped back: ‘At least my lips are real!’ 

Open book: Alex, whose celebrity fans include Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, told Yahoo in 2013 that he is not ashamed of using fillers and Botox

Ellen DeGeneres on plastic surgery spree after aging quickly amid criticisms: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres recently made a public appearance when she hung out with Kevin Hart. Photos of the comedian show that she looks a bit older.

But Globe wanted to create an entire storyline about Ellen DeGeneres aging extensively amid the recent criticisms she has received. They even published an old photo of the funny woman in this week’s issue.

Ellen DeGeneres criticisms have left a lasting impact on her face

A source claimed that the recent allegations against DeGeneres and Ellen Show had left an ugly impact on the host.

“It shows in the bags under her eyes, the saggy cheeks, and jaw. She’s breaking out something terrible, and her skin looks blotchy from all the stress she’s been under. Even with makeup on, she looks haggard,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres panicking over a recent change in appearance

The insider also claimed that DeGeneres has always been conscious of her image. As such, she couldn’t take the recent changes in her appearances. And she has, allegedly, booked appointments with experts.

“She’s booking appointments with dermatologists and surgeons, demanding Botox fillers, a facelift and eye-lift, surgery to tighten her neck, and microdermabrasion. She doesn’t care what it costs because money is no object,” the source said.

Ellen, Portia alleged marital problems

Ellen DeGeneres is also, allegedly, struggling with her marriage to Portia de Rossi. And their issues have also, allegedly, contributed to her aging appearance.

“They’ve had their share of problems, and Ellen’s diva behavior is to blame. That’s exactly what’s gotten Ellen into so much trouble with her staffers, past, and present,” the source said.

But even though DeGeneres and de Rossi are, allegedly, having marital issues, the latter still supports her wife’s desire to look younger.

“Portia’s supporting Ellen’s surgery plans, too. Anything to make Ellen feel better,” the source said.

‘Ellen Show’ host’s face costs $1 million?

Rumors about DeGeneres getting plastic surgery have been rife for months. And the recent claims weren’t the only ones made by Globe.

Two years ago, the tabloid claimed that the Ellen Show host’s entire face has gone under the knife. And all of the procedures combined, allegedly, cost DeGeneres $1 million.

“It’s quite obvious she underwent a full face-life – and everything else, as well. She had almost everything was done that can be done – and I suspect a nose job too,” New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel S. Shahar said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Randal Haworth also said that DeGeneres’ ears also show signs of a facelift.

A source also said that over time, Ellen DeGeneres, allegedly, coughed up a million to fix her entire face. However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Has the Upper Lip Lift gone Mainstream?

Blanketing Instagram may be the pout of the moment: an ample, upturned mouth revealing front pearly whites. It’s a look that has generated a fresh trend in cosmetic surgery: the lip lift. “Social media is driving a whole lot of esthetic selections,” says Andrew Jacono, a Park Avenue cosmetic surgeon, but “the voluptuous lip is not something you may get with injections. Filling lips only makes them appear to be sausages but doesn’t change their condition. Only the upper lip lift can naturally turnthe lip up and out.” The 30-minute office procedure excises tissue from just underneath the nose to shorten the distance between nose and mouth, causing the top lip to relax a bit, exposing more teeth, or “tooth show.” In Gen Z’ers and young millennials, it gives an ideal selfie pout; in older candidates, it can shave up to 7 years from the countenance ($3,000-$10,000).

As upper lips age, they elongate to eventually hide the upper teeth, while lower lips drop to expose the bottom teeth. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Randal Haworth says lips, like breasts, go over time south. “When Angelina [Jolie] was 19, she had an insouciant mouth and had the Bardot upper tooth exposure ,” he says. “Nowadays her lip is starting to hide her teeth. It is the same with Jane Fonda.” Jacono offers that face-lifts improve the corners of the mouth but don’t address the problem: “Shortening the top lip is probably the most effective esthetic procedures I really do.”

Some surgeons will work with dentists to coordinate how much teeth to show.

“Showing 2 millimeters of tooth while you are at rest is ideal,says Manhattan esthetic dental professional Lana Rozenberg, who claims patients once requested heavier veneers to push away the lip for pout.

Now the Bugs Rabbit look can’t be avoided can be avoided, with surgeons just like NYC’s Oren Tepper working with esthetic dentist Jonathan Levine to open LipSync. “Ten years past, there was an ‘aha’ moment when hands were an era giveaway. Now we realize the mouth is a lot more telling, ” says Tepper.

A before and after of a conservative upper lip liftA before and after of a conservative upper lip lift
A conservative upper lip lift result accompanying the Hollywood reporter article, performed by another plastic surgeon. result accompanying the Hollywood reporter article, performed by another plastic surgeon.

There is one disadvantage to a lip lift; its scar. “You can hide part of the incision inside the nostrils, but there is usually always some visibility at the bottom edge of the nasal area, ” says Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Leif Rogers, adding “If not done properly, it can change the look of the nose. “

Dr. Haworth acknowledged this as a problem about 15 years ago, ever since patients began complaining of this subtle nasal change. He realized there were two factors playing a part in this:

  1. Excess tension around the incision line where the upper lip attaches to the nose and …
  2. When the incision is made into the nose in a good faith attempt to hide the scar.

This led him to evolve his methods as a necessity to meet the increasingly discerning tastes of his patients. “Cutting into the nasal still can be a disaster even though it is motivated by goodwill towards the patients. By cutting into the nose, it breaks the circular stability of the nostril itself thus allowing it to “unfurl” and migrate inferiorly.

Another thing I have discovered is that when a lip lift is performed, it mustn’t just resist the downward forces of gravity but it must also resist the hundreds of thousands of mouth movements that occur per day. That’s why I needed to develop the OOS Upper Lip Lift which involves securing the upper lip to the strong lining of the bone around the base of the nose (periosteum). This technique is clearly superior to any skin-only lip lift whether it is modified or not. This results in a superior results in terms of beauty, scarring, lack of nasal distortion and longevity.

MADONNA’S transformation



Who’s that girl ?”

Buffaloed by father time and rattled by the success of her nemesis Lady Gaga, insiders dished Madonna has invested in a massive cosmetic makeover to word off a crippling to experts , the “crazy for you ” singer has gone crazy for youth-enhancing procedures , and likely gone under  the knife for an eye lift , brown lift and face- lift plus filler injections ” she looks completely unrecognizable ! tattled a source close to the 60 year old material granny “.

“Madonna has had a ton of work done , but it hasn’t been flattering . she’d do better to just grow old gracefully !!”

Leading celebrity plastic surgeon Dr .Randal Haworth agreed. “No mere mortal would look as smooth and tight as Madonna appears without cosmetic intervention” said the Beverly Hills – based surgeon known for the reality TV  series “The Swan”. “The outer edge of her lower eyelid has been lifted and pulled away from the socket. This was done to tighten and elevate the lower lid into a tilted almond shape. I also suspect a brow lift to accentuate her outer eyebrow arch.”

“The outer edge of her lower eyelid has been lifted and pulled away from the socket. This was done to tighten and elevate the lower lid into a tilted almond shape. I also suspect a brow lift to accentuate her outer eyebrow arch.”

Dr . Matthew Schulman ,a new York – based board – certified plastic surgeon , estimates the ” like a virgin ” singer spends upward of 10,000$ on her face each month , thanks to a regular battery of filler injections !

Dr . Haworth also noted the entire shape of Madonna’s face has been altered , saying : “it’s more slender and definitely tighter with a conspicuous absence of jowls and natural folds ! these are the signs of a face – lift! “

The former blond bombshell has also dyed her hair and opted for a new hairstyle that ” conveniently hides her face – lift scars ,” he added . recently the national enquirer revealed the matronly star was sporting a Colossal new caboose –with Dr . Anthony Youn pointing out that the excess junk in Madonna’s trunk was due to either butt implants or massive pads in her pants !

The “into the  groove ” singer has even given herself a new  pair of hands , as enquirer readers learned last summer ! her mitts look ” smoother and more youthful  than they have in years ! ” said Dr . Youn .

The insider sniffed : ” its all part of an effort on her  part to try to find the fountain of youth ”

Bride Reba’s

Bride Reba’s 275$ g

Body makeover!

Beaming bride –to-be Reba McEntire is getting fancy for her big day with a brand – new face and body!

The redheaded country queen , 63 bounced back from heartache last year with Anthony “Skeeter ” Lasuzzo , after the collapse of her 26- year marriage to Narvel Blackstock in 2015 .

Now insiders say the 68 year –old retired geologist has popped the question – and Reba wants to look nothing short of perfect when they tie the knot !

The rumor has it singer stopped believing in happy endings , according to pals . but now she’s changed – in more ways than one !

” Reba looks like a new woman ” dishes an insider .

“she is positively glowing – and that’s not just from her happiness alone !”

Plastic surgeon Dr . Randal Haworth, who hasn’t treated the star, tells Globe: ” it’s clear she underwent a rhinoplasty to refine her nose .”He also observes her eyebrows appear to be higher than before and notes, “this could have been done with Botox or more likely an actual surgical brow lift !”

Country queen wants to look perfect on big day

Dr . Haworth believes changes in her lower lids are the result of eye tucks and pinpointed ” tell tale”  signs she had a facelift, including “subtle scars and unnatural folds in front of her ear.” The Beverly hills –based surgeon says Reba’s ” fuller face” could be the work of injectable fillers and noted a tummy tuck would add as much as 25,000$ to her massive makeover tally .

And Reba’s curvy new figure could also be the work of an expert , according plastic surgeon Dr . Yoel Shahar , who says , ” I believe she’s had breast augmentation .she has a fullness now that was absent before “

“Reba really didn’t believe she’d find true love again .”

Dishes a friend ” now I’ve never seen her more excited about the future !”


Birthday girl Ellen

Gets new $1m face!

Talk show queen Ellen Degeneres has gifted herself with a new million – dollar face for her 61st birthday in January. Terrified she ‘ll be dumped by her 15- years – younger wife Portia de Rossi , Ellen has erased the ravages of time with extensive plastic surgery , sources say .

Now top doctors tell Globe the Funny Gal looks younger than ever !

“It’s quite obvious she underwent a full face lift ___ and everything else , as well !” noted new York plastic surgeon  Dr. Yoel S. Shahar dishes to Globe .

He believes the chat-fest diva has also had a neck lift , forehead lift, brow lift, eyelid  surgery, fillers and a chemical peel to smooth out the area around her lips.

” She’s had almost everything done that can be done __ and  I suspect a nose  job, too , ” adds  Dr. Shahar, who has not treated Ellen .

Top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth says the hint of scars around Ellen’s ears indicates a face-lift .

” Her smooth facial appearance firm firm jawline  and barely there jowls are unusual for a person of Ellen’s age and provide further evidence that she had a face-lift ” says Dr. Haworth, who has not treated her .

Dr. Shahar estimates Ellen coughed up close to 50000$ on her most recent cosmetic tweaks __ and that’s on top of previous pricey procedures !!

The former stand- up comic reportedly went under the knife in 2014 and had even more work done in 2015 !

“The noticeable scars on her neck are most likely a result of a face –lift and / or neck lift “

Renowned New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir , who has not treated Ellen , said at the time. ” Her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined. She doesn’t  have sagging skin  and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle-free “.

Adds  a source: “Over time , Ellen has spent at least 1$ million on her face alone !

” She ‘s very much aware of the age difference between her and Portia. She’ll do anything to turn back the hands of time – and money is no object!”

Self-Centered Aesthetics

Recently, I was honored to be featured on the cover of the highly popular regarded trade magazine of the noninvasive aesthetic industry, MedEsthetics. Here is the article. We at Self-Centered Aesthetics ™are super excited to be off to such a great, auspicious start. We are aiming to deliver the best, state of the art noninvasive treatment to all patients, under one roof with my philosophy of beauty. Embracing Artistry By Inga Hansen Photography by Cory Sorensen Plastic surgeon Randal Haworth, MD, is taking the next step in his career with the launch of a stylish, comprehensive aesthetic care facility. Randal Haworth, MD, made a name for himself in aesthetics in the early 2000s when he joined Fox television’s reality show, “The Swan.” On the program, he was part of a team of plastic surgeons, stylists and makeup artists who dramatically transformed participants’ appearances, Earlier this year, he transformed his own Beverly Hills, California-based practice when he moved to a new, custom-designed facility that incorporates a full range of aesthetic services—from facials and nutritional services to fillers, lasers and surgical procedures. Dr. Haworth’s design philosophy for the new Haworth Institute was nature meets high-tech. “It’s a beautiful place, and all our services are under one roof—the surgical center, my clinic and our new noninvasive center, Self Centered Aesthetics,” says Dr. Haworth. “Patients always asked us, ‘What else can you do?’ ‘How do I maintain this?’ It just doesn’t make sense nowadays not to offer the full-range of aesthetic treatments.” In addition to laser treatments and injectables performed by Dr. Haworth and his R.N., celebrity esthetician John Tew performs signature facials and naturopathic doctor Matea Polisoto, who goes by “Dr. Matea,” offers IV therapy and nutrition counseling. “Like John, she has a very big following in Beverly Hills and beyond,” says Dr. Haworth. “She is involved with IV therapy, which helps augment the pre- and postoperative surgical experience, and optimizes healing. “The people working with me are just as important as the surgeon—it’s all about having a team,” he says. The Frustrated Artist Born in Los Angeles and educated in England, Dr. Haworth has a somewhat unusual background for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. “My dad was English and spent World War Il in London selling bootleg whiskey during the Blitzkrieg. My mother and her family lived in Holland during the German occupation,” he says. Following the war, both of his parents immigrated to the United States seeking opportunities, of which there were few in post-war Europe. “They met, and I was born in Los Angeles. But my dad always wanted me to be in England eventually,” says Dr. Haworth. When he was 9 years old, he and his parents drove to Central America and boarded a cargo ship to England. During his school years in London, Dr. Haworth became enamored with the arts. “l always drew—and I was very good at a young age. In University I joined band. I was really into the arts, and that’s what I wanted to pursue,” he says. “But my parents, being war babies, wanted a doctor in the family and I was their only child.” During a road trip prior to his final year at the university, he shared his goals with his parents. “We were in a VW bus and they said, ‘We’ll disown you if you become an artist. Make your decision’—it was really bizarre,” he says. His mind flashed back to a BBC interview of Kurt Wagner, MD, he had seen when he was 13. “l said, ‘Then I’ll be a plastic surgeon,’ having no idea what was involved in that.” He came back to the U.S. and enrolled in medical school at the University of Southern California. Following graduation, he completed a five-year general surgery residency at Cornell Medical Center in New York. Dr. Haworth made his way back to the West coast for his plastic surgery residency at the University of California, Los Angeles. “After my residency, I had no money so I was anxious to go into practice. I thought, well then I have to goto Beverly Hills because that’s where successful plastic surgeons go,” he says. Another surgeon offered to rent him a space in his clinic’s kitchen, which was housed in one of the most desirable medical buildings in Beverly Hills. “He had a little pocket door in front of the kitchen so I stayed in there,” says Dr. Haworth. “During my clinic days, I would take his diplomas off the walls in the two little exam rooms and put mine up, and that’s how it started. “l look back fondly on those days now, but it was horrible at the time. If I had two surgeries in a month, it was a great month,” he says. Finding His Niche During his UCLA residency, Dr. Haworth won a plastic surgery research prize for his lip surgeries, which provided a unique niche with which to build his practice, More than 20 years later, he has patients from all over the world who travel to the Haworth Institute for their lip surgeries. “You can be the best doctor in the world, but if you don’t have marketing, no one will know about you,” he says. “So I leveraged that award and started getting known for lips, even though my favorite surgeries are noses, mid- facelifts and what I call hyperaesthetic surgeries where we change everything. The lips are what I was known for, and now I get jazzed by that because there’s really no competi- tion in the world for these surgeries.” He offers upper, lower and corner lip lifting procedures as well fat transfer and F.A.T.M.A. (fat transfer & mucosal advancement). “l do many types of lip lifts because it is shape before volume; there are many things that fillers alone cannot do,” he says. Embracing and Investigating New TechnologiesDespite the limitations of traditional filling techniques, Dr. Haworth has embraced dermal fillers as effective tools to perfect his patients’ lips. In some cases the new, less invasive procedures are even surpassing what he can achieve in the O.R.”Our mouths get wider as we age and our lower teeth become visible,” he says. “People will often just fill the lower lip horizontally, which won’t help with these concerns.”In his surgical center, he performs lower lip V-Y plasty procedures to narrow the mouth, lift the bottom lip and pout out the middle third of the lower lip. But, due to the minimal improvement, he recently became interested in the idea of using vertical filler injections to lift and shape the lower lip.”About three months ago, I started injecting vertically into the lower lip. I place my long cannula or a long needle vertically from the bottom of the prejowl sulcus all the way to where I see the needle blanching on the vermillion on the back of the lower lip on the sides. Then I inject vertically as I pull the needle out,” he says. “l am seeing such dramatic elevation of not just the lower lip but the whole corner of the mouth—the marionette folds are dramatically reduced and the labiomental sulcus opens up.”He is calling this the Caisson technique after Caisson beams in construction. “The patients are three months out now, and the results are far better than what we see with the lower V-Y plasty in hiding the lower teeth,” he says.Dr. Haworth is investigating new ways to augment and lift lips using dermal fillers.”l love doing surgery, but plastic surgery is in some ways a dying field,” he continues. “The future of plastic surgery lies in the lab, not the operating room. Eventually they are going to know how to stop senescence. In the meantime, the future of aesthetics is laying more and more in lasers and newer, better fillers, and I want to stay on the forefront of that.”His biggest challenge is determining which new technologies and procedures live up to the hype—and resisting the urge to bring in every new device about which patients inquire. “Sixty to seventy percent of all new medical cosmetic technologies overpromise and under deliver,” he says. “First, it’s a big ‘Wow!’ Then results are ‘operator-dependent,’ then it’s gathering dust, so I vet all these technologies and only offer the ones I believe are proven to work.”What I want to offer my patients with the Haworth Institute and Self Centered Aesthetics is more than one-stop aesthetics, It’s the tools and knowledge to deliver the absolute best treatments for their individual concerns and lifestyles,” continues Dr. Haworth. “We have a turbocharged armamentarium of proven noninvasive treatments to carry on the philosophy that I espouse in my surgeries, which is really detailed aesthetic work.”
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