Birthday girl Ellen

Gets new $1m face!

Talk show queen Ellen Degeneres has gifted herself with a new mil _ lion – dollar face for her 61st birthday in January !terrifid she ‘ll be dumped by her 15- years – younger wife . protia de rossi , Ellen has erased the ravages of time with extensive plastic sur – gery , sources say .

Now top doctors tell globe the funnygal looks younger than ever !

“it’s quite obvious she underwent a full face life ___ and everything else , as well !” noted new York plastic sur _ geon  dr . yoel s . Shahar dishes to globe .

He believes the chat-fest diva has also had a neck lift , forehead lift  , brow lift  , eyelid  surgery , fillers and a chemical peel to smooth out the area around her lips .

” she’s had almost everything done that can be done __ and  I suspect a nose  job , too , ” adds  Dr . shahar , who  has not treated Ellen .

Top Beverly hills plastic surgeon dr . randal Haworth says the hint of scars around ellen’s ears indicates a face-lift .

” her smooth facial appear- ance firm fiem jawline  and baely there jowls are unusual for a person of ellen’s age and provide further evidence that she had a face-lift ” says dr. Haworth , who has not treated her .

Dr. shahar estimates Ellen coughed up close to 50000$ on her most recent cosmetic tweaks __ and that’s on top of previous pricey procedures !!

The former stand- up comic reportedly went under the knife in 2014 and had even more work done in 2015 !

“the noticeable scars on he neck are most likely a result of a face –lift and / or neck lift “

Renowned new York city plastic surgeon Dr. ramtin Kassir , who has not treated Ellen , said at the time

” her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined . she doesn’t  have sag –Ging skin , and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle – free ” adds  a source :” over time , ElLen has spent at least 1$ mil – lion on her face alone !

” she ‘s very much aware of the age difference between her and Portia. She ‘ll do any thing to turn back the hands of time – and money is no object!