Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power looks like a human Barbie doll as she poses in racy lingerie… after splashing out $25,000 on cosmetic treatments

She recently confessed to spending $25,000 in a cosmetic surgery binge.

And Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power looked like a human Barbie doll in a video shared to Instagram on Tuesday night.

The 27-year-old flaunted her plump lips and hourglass figure in throwback footage from her recent NW magazine photo shoot.

Plastic fantastic! Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power looked like a human Barbie doll in a video shared to Instagram on Tuesday night

Posing in the makeup chair, the platinum blonde bombshell cast a sultry gaze at the camera before revealing her lacy white lingerie. 

On Monday, Jessika confirmed she had spent $25,000 on a new set of veneers, two rounds of dental work, cheek and lip fillers, Botox and a brow lift.

After undergoing the cosmetic procedures in quick succession, she looks almost unrecognisable today compared to photos taken just a few years ago.

Showing off: Posing in the makeup chair, the platinum blonde bombshell cast a sultry gaze at the camera before revealing her lacy white lingerie

Transformed: On Monday, Jessika confirmed she had spent $25,000 on a new set of veneers, cheek and lip fillers, Botox and a brow lift. Pictured right: in April 2019, and left: in August 2017

She told NW magazine that relentless trolling about her appearance on MAFS left her feeling ‘shaken to the core’. 

‘I’m a confident girl, but having thousands of people criticise me each day has shaken me to the core. I felt like I had heaps wrong with me afterwards,’ she said.

The Perth-born model added that she felt insecure about her looks partly because of the man she was previosuly dating: Daniel Webb.

‘I felt like I had heaps wrong with me’: Jessika told NW magazine that constant trolling about her appearance during MAFS made her feel ugly and insecure

‘Dan’s exes were all beautiful, including a Playboy bunny. I looked at pictures of her, then looked at myself and thought, “I look boring”,’ she confessed.

‘He would get Botox done on his forehead too and I felt I had to keep up with him.’

While Jessika is clearly pleased with her new look, not everybody is impressed.

My, how you’ve changed! Jessika was no stranger to cosmetic procedures before her debut on MAFS, having already undergone lip fillers. Pictured left: in 2017, and right: in 2018

Earlier this week, Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth said that Jessika’s excessively filled pout ‘resembles a baboon’s bottom in heat’.

‘Instead of enhancing facial sensuality, overly plumped lips tend to do the opposite and even age the face in a strange way,’ Dr. Haworth told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Jessika’s exaggerated lips only serve to distract from her natural beauty.’

She’s not finished yet! As for Jessika’s next procedures, she revealed that a non-surgical nose job and lipo-sculpture on her thighs and buttocks are next on the list. Pictured in April 2019

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Her features are sublime’: Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon claims Kyly Clarke may have had a little help achieving her flawless appearance

She is one of Australia’s most glamorous women, but has Kyly Clarke (née Boldy) had a little help achieving her flawless appearance?

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth, the cricket WAG, 37, has seemingly undergone subtle changes over the years.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia, Dr Haworth claimed that Kyly appears to have invested in non-surgical lip fillers.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Her features are sublime’: A Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon has claimed Kyly Clarke may have had a little help achieving her flawless appearance. Pictured left: in an old Captain Snooze commercial, and right: in a recent Instagram photo ‘Kyly, needless to say, is a very attractive young woman, and the envy of both men and women alike,’ Dr Haworth began.

‘Her features are sublime with a defined jawline, classic cheekbones and the most alluring of feline eyes.’

He observed: ‘Certain photographs of Kyly suggest she may have had her lips plumped with a filler of sort, most likely a hyaluronic acid such as Juvéderm.’

Plump pout: Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia, Dr Randal Haworth claimed that Kyly appears to have undergone non-surgical lip fillers. Pictured in a recent Instagram photo Changes: Dr Haworth observed, ‘Certain photographs of Kyly suggest she may have had her lips plumped with a filler of sort, most likely a hyaluronic acid such as Juvéderm’. Pictured left: in a KFC commercial from circa 2010, and right: in a recent Instagram photo

‘Hopefully this is just lighting and lip gloss because Kyly’s lips need no help in the beauty department!’ he added.

Last year, another cosmetic expert, Dr Meaghan Heckenberg, told Woman’s Day she ‘suspect[ed] Kyly had some jaw slimming with Botox’.

Kyly has never admitted to having plastic surgery, but she told Daily Mail Australia in an April 2016 interview that she was open to the idea.

Refined features: Last year, another cosmetic expert, Dr Meaghan Heckenberg, told Woman’s Day she ‘suspect[ed] Kyly had some jaw slimming with Botox’. Pictured recently on Instagram

‘I think at the end of the day, each to their own. I don’t knock anyone for doing whatever they choose to do. If that’s what you want to do with your life, that’s okay,’ she said at the time.

She added that her Maltese heritage was the secret behind her ageless complexion: ‘I am lucky with my skin. My mum is Maltese and she has really really good skin.’

Kyly, who is a former model, has been married to retired cricketer Michael Clarke, 37, since 2012.

Never say never! Kyly has never admitted to having plastic surgery, but she told Daily Mail Australia in an April 2016 interview that she was open to the idea


Birthday girl Ellen

Gets new $1m face!

Talk show queen Ellen Degeneres has gifted herself with a new mil _ lion – dollar face for her 61st birthday in January !terrifid she ‘ll be dumped by her 15- years – younger wife . protia de rossi , Ellen has erased the ravages of time with extensive plastic sur – gery , sources say .

Now top doctors tell globe the funnygal looks younger than ever !

“it’s quite obvious she underwent a full face life ___ and everything else , as well !” noted new York plastic sur _ geon  dr . yoel s . Shahar dishes to globe .

He believes the chat-fest diva has also had a neck lift , forehead lift  , brow lift  , eyelid  surgery , fillers and a chemical peel to smooth out the area around her lips .

” she’s had almost everything done that can be done __ and  I suspect a nose  job , too , ” adds  Dr . shahar , who  has not treated Ellen .

Top Beverly hills plastic surgeon dr . randal Haworth says the hint of scars around ellen’s ears indicates a face-lift .

” her smooth facial appear- ance firm fiem jawline  and baely there jowls are unusual for a person of ellen’s age and provide further evidence that she had a face-lift ” says dr. Haworth , who has not treated her .

Dr. shahar estimates Ellen coughed up close to 50000$ on her most recent cosmetic tweaks __ and that’s on top of previous pricey procedures !!

The former stand- up comic reportedly went under the knife in 2014 and had even more work done in 2015 !

“the noticeable scars on he neck are most likely a result of a face –lift and / or neck lift “

Renowned new York city plastic surgeon Dr. ramtin Kassir , who has not treated Ellen , said at the time

” her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined . she doesn’t  have sag –Ging skin , and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle – free ” adds  a source :” over time , ElLen has spent at least 1$ mil – lion on her face alone !

” she ‘s very much aware of the age difference between her and Portia. She ‘ll do any thing to turn back the hands of time – and money is no object!


‘It’s clear as day he’s had a nose job’: Celebrity plastic surgeon exposes the clues that imply Ian Thorpe has gone under the knife

As one of Australia’s most recognizable Olympians, Ian Thorpe turned heads when he seemed to debut a new nose last week. While the 36-year-old has yet to comment on his ‘new’ look, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth believes it’s clear that the star has gone under the knife.

‘It is clear as day that Mr. Thorpe had a rhinoplasty,’ Dr Haworth exclusively to Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. Dr Haworth went on to explain what he thinks are tell-tale signs Ian has had a rhinoplasty. ‘The dorsal hump of his bridge has been significantly lowered so that his tip now over projects from his face,’ he claimed. He also perceived that Ian’s nose displays ‘an obvious inverted V deformity’ on its bridge and a ‘step off from the nasal bones onto the cartilage portions below.’

‘Usually, this is associated with some breathing obstruction in his nose and is more often than not caused by a rhinoplasty performed through a ‘closed’ technique,’ he said, adding: ‘This is where a plastic surgeon performs the nose job solely through incisions confined to the inside the nose.’ Dr Haworth went on to reveal that an ‘open’ technique allows the surgeon better visualization and direction over both the shape of the nose and its use of breathing.

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Aisha Jade may have undergone a breast enlargement after moving to LA, says a leading cosmetic surgeon

A leading plastic surgeon assumes that Aisha Jade may have undergone a breast enlargement while chasing her Hollywood dreams.

Dr Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday that the 26-year-old socialite appears to have had a ‘silicone gel implant placed under the muscle’. He explained: ‘I opine that she underwent a breast augmentation, most likely utilizing a cohesive silicone gel implant placed under the muscle. ‘I like the way it has provided proportional balance to her body.’

Dr Haworth added: ‘This type of result typically gives a woman added confidence both in and out of clothes.’

Aisha regularly shares bikini-clad photos of herself with her 342,000 Instagram followers but does to appear to have addressed her changing physique.

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Iggy Azalea has more work done? Iggy flaunts her tight face and luscious lips after others claimed she transformed her face with ‘a chin augmentation’

Earlier this year, a leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon declared that Iggy Azalea may have made changes to her facial shape by undergoing a ‘chin augmentation’ among other procedures. In June, Dr. Randal Haworth, the CEO of, told Daily Mail Australia that he believes the rapper could have made further changes to her facial shape. According to Dr. Haworth, who has not treated Iggy himself, the Australian musician appears to have invested in some ‘subtle’ and ‘beautiful’ refinements.

‘Iggy is what I would describe as an excellent “canvas” on which a plastic surgeon can reveal his work,’ he claimed. ‘When done right, results can be sublime and indiscernible to a layman’s eye. In the absence of rare complications, less surgical work is needed to create the beautiful, yet subtle, results as exemplified by Ms Azalea – while a less-than-average surgeon could draw unwanted attention to an anatomical “flaw” which only makes things worse.’ said Dr Haworth.

In addition to Iggy’s rhinoplasty, which ‘straightened and narrowed her nose’, Dr. Haworth believes she may have undergone ‘a chin augmentation as well as mandibular angle enhancement to give her a more refined, “modelesque” jawline’.

‘This can be done either with solid silicone implants or off-the-shelf injectable fillers, but either way, her results are spectacularly non-obvious,’ he claimed. ‘As I say, “Good plastic surgery is invisible.”‘

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The surprising DIY tricks of Kyly Clarke Revealed, how she achieved her remarkable appearance ‘without stepping foot in a surgeon’s office’

Kyly Clarke’s unexpected physical change has generated a lot of speculation over the past few years. A leading plastic surgeon has declared the 37-year-old’s changing looks over the years could be the result of a subtle mixture of DIY ‘tricks’.

‘It is amazing what a different hairstyle, well-contoured makeup and perhaps some “photoshopping” can do to make anyone look like a superstar,’ Dr Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. Despite the fact she’s nearing her forties, Dr Haworth recognized how Kyly has undergone a ‘startling transformation’ in recent years.

‘Most people I know would seize the opportunity to look better if given half a chance – and nowadays they can without even stepping foot in a plastic surgeon’s office,’ said Dr Haworth. ‘Her straight brunette hair contributes a good deal to her change (she was formerly blonde) and perhaps deftly applied makeup.’

Dr Haworth noted that while makeup can certainly help change the appearance of facial features, he assumed Kyly’s ‘higher hairline gives a subtle clue’ that she is taking advantage of a simple ‘DIY’ beauty hack.

‘Sometimes Kyly seems to employ the old trick of pulling your hair tightly back into a ponytail for a quick tightening fix of the eyebrows and upper face,’ he said. ‘Even though she looks different, as a hyperaesthetic plastic surgeon, I feel that Kyly looks great.’

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Erin Molan Opposes Nose Job Allegations After Plastic Surgeon Claims She ‘Invested in under the radar’ Cosmetic Work

Erin Molan has stated her nose is 100% natural after claims she ‘invested in under the radar’ cosmetic work.

Dr Randal Haworth claimed she has possibly undergone a breast augmentation, non-surgical fillers and a potentially ‘subtle’ rhinoplasty.

CEO of told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Erin has opted for a “less is more” approach in regards to maintaining and enhancing her facial appearance. This is often the wisest choice for those who make their living in front of the camera.’

He continued: ‘In certain photographs, her nose now appears slimmer even though it still retains her characteristic round tip and overly arched nostrils. A subtle rhinoplasty would have accomplished this. It is also apparent that her lips were likely enhanced with an off-the-shelf injectable filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane lending her a more pleasingly plump pout. However, describing the specifics of her enhancement is more challenging because Erin has adopted a relatively conservative wardrobe when flaunting her physique.’

Further more, Dr Haworth stated the supposed surgical conclusion was ‘in proportion to the rest of her body… thus avoiding a potentially jarring transformation’.

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Plastic Surgeon Claims WAG Jessie Habermann Has Transformed Through Cosmetic Work

The small town country girl and former grid girl has made a slow and steady rise over the past eight years to become one of Melbourne’s top WAGs. A leading plastic surgeon claims Jessie has ‘stayed ahead of the game’ by enhancing her features with cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia he believes Jessie has undergone a breast augmentation, as well using Botox and fillers.

Jessie Habermann‘I am quite confident she has neither changed her nose nor augmented her cheeks or jawline. However, her face does seem more elegantly defined perhaps with the help of a little makeup alongside a loss of ‘baby fat’,’ stated the Beverly Hills surgeon.

Dr. Haworth also recognized that Jessie’s eyebrows appeared subtly higher over the years, and her lips, fuller.

‘Her eyebrows in certain photographs appear elevated into a more graceful arch which, at her age was most likely attained with Botox,’ he declared.

The celebrity surgeon also described: ‘A hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane was the most likely culprit behind her present pleasingly plump lips. What is more obvious is her augmented bosom. Certain dresses reveal unnaturally round breasts with clearly defined edges. To me, that spells breast augmentation until proven otherwise. Despite this, I feel the size of her breasts do complement the rest of her body,’ Dr. Haworth stated.

The plastic surgeon proceeded: ‘All in all, I feel Jessie has matured into a young beautiful woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin.’

Leading Plastic Surgeon Discusses Biggest Loser star Michelle Bridges’ “enthusiastic use of fillers and Botox”

The Biggest Loser star Michelle Bridges has helped thousands of people with her fitness program.

According to Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, she may have undergone her own transformation.

‘It appears Michelle’s striking facial change came from an enthusiastic use of fillers and Botox. Unfortunately, the manner in which they were used tends to detract from her natural facial harmony rather than enhance it.’ said Dr. Haworth.

Dr. Haworth went on to describe the tell-tale signs of Michelle’s supposed cosmetic work.

Blair Thomas‘Her eyebrows are a tad too elevated into a pointed arch similar to Captain Spock, which is most likely the result of Botox. Ironically, this shape can be softened with a further small shot of Botox above each arch. I have a small suspicion Botox was also injected in and around her chin because her smile in recent pictures seems somewhat restricted and stiff,’ he explained.

Dr. Haworth also described how Michelle appears to have used a filler such as Juvéderm to plump her lips and under-eye hollows.

‘In certain angles, the filler seems to have accentuated her long upper lip which is a sign of aging. A tell-tale sign that filler was used to treat under-eye hollows is bulging below her lower eyes next to the nose. I can see Michelle has those when she is smiling in recent photographs.’

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