What happened to Jessie Habermann’s face? Footy WAG displays a noticeably smoother jawline at a Mother’s Day lunch – amid rumours she transformed her looks with Botox and fillers

She’s rumoured to have undergone various cosmetic procedures in the past.

And Jessie Murphy (née Habermann) looked noticeably different while attending a Mother’s Day luncheon in Melbourne on Friday.

The footy WAG’s jawline looked more ‘square’ than usual, especially when compared to older photos that show her with a distinctive pointy chin. 

What happened? Jessie Habermann’s jawline looked more ‘square’ than usual on Friday, sparking rumours she’s undergone cosmetic enhancements. left pic Jessie now, and right pic what she looked like in 2016

The apparent change in Jessie’s chin shape means her once heart-shaped face has taken on more oblong dimensions.

Meanwhile, the tip of her nose also seems more lifted and refined, and her complexion looks remarkably taut and wrinkle free.

It comes after leading plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth said that Jessie may have ‘stayed ahead of the game’ with the help of cosmetic procedures.

Tweaks? Last year, plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth said that Jessie may have ‘stayed ahead of the game’ with the help of cosmetic procedures. left pic Jessie in September 2018, and right pic in 2009

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in October 2018, Dr Haworth said he believes Jessie has undergone a breast augmentation, as well using Botox and fillers over the years. 

‘I am quite confident she has neither changed her nose nor augmented her cheeks or jawline [surgically],’ said the Beverly Hills-based surgeon.

‘However, her face does seem more elegantly defined perhaps with the help of a little makeup alongside a loss of “baby fat”.’ 

Dr. Haworth also observed that Jessie’s eyebrows appear to have subtly heightened over the years, and her lips have increased in size.

‘Her eyebrows in certain photographs appear elevated into a more graceful arch which, at her age, was most likely attained with Botox,’ he claimed.

Evolution of Jessie: A modelling photo of Jessie from several years ago shows her with smaller breasts and thinner lips

The celebrity doctor added: ‘A hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane was the most likely culprit behind her present, pleasingly plump lips.’

Since Jessie began dating her now-husband, Carlton captain Marc Murphy, in 2011, her changing appearance has sparked cosmetic surgery rumours.

Images from the late 2000s show her looking noticeably different compared to recent photos, sporting a smaller cup size and thinner lips. 

Just makeup? Today, Jessie’s overall face shape appears thinner and her lips plumper when compared to older photos. Pictured left: in 2009, and right: in March 2019

Dr. Haworth added: ‘What is most obvious [today] is her augmented bosom. Certain dresses reveal unnaturally round breasts with clearly defined edges. 

‘To me, that spells breast augmentation until proven otherwise. Despite this, I feel the size of her breasts do complement the rest of her body.’ 

He concluded: ‘All in all, I feel Jessie has matured into a young beautiful woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin.’ 

Surgery: Dr. Haworth also believes Jessie has likely undergone a breast enlargement.  Pictured left: in 2013, and right: in September 2016