Plastic Surgery-The Male Factor

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Exercise is hard work

For the last eight years or so, I, as one of the foremost cosmetic injection experts in Beverly Hills, have noticed an increasing number of men seeking aesthetic improvement outside of diet and exercise. However, I see this growth as less a trend and more of a real shift in the industry.

This growth is spurred on by society’s reliance on visual rather than written communication and its unabashed obsession with youth and beauty over old-fashioned wisdom and experience. The eruption of social media, including Instagram and the like, has only heightened the problem. It has awakened our once dormant  narcissism into the self-perpetuating collective contagion that it is today. 

Consequently, there is less social stigma for men to seek out ways to better their appearance in this highly competitive world. In 2018, more aesthetic technologies are finally delivering on their promises to reduce wrinkles, firm faces, reverse atrophy and sculpt bodies without hair. The armamentarium used includes Botox, Jeuveau( or #Newtox), Juvederm, Vollure, Restylane, Radiesse,Voluma, Bellafill, IP, laser hair removal and other lasers to treat brown discoloration, and red patches. Men are not only seeking out ways to keep themselves looking young and competitive but also non-surgical ways to actually enhance their features; these include filler/liquid nosejobs (rhinoplasties), cheek and chin augmentations and jawline defining and even laser induced fat burning with SculpSure..

All done with the expert hands of a board certified plastic surgeon or his personally trained expert nurse injectors (such as Katherine Braun, R.N. helming The Haworth Institute’s own medispa, Self-Centered Aesthetics™), results which are both significant and, most importantly, natural.  This is ideal for men wanting their appearance to be on point in order to compliment their skill set at work.

No cutting, no stitches, less recovery, less expense- what’s there not to like for those men who simply want to look good with minimal expense and time? 

‘How many facelifts has he had?’ Fans accuse Alex Perry of having MORE plastic surgery – as he looks noticeably puffy on The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Fashion designer Alex Perry has made no secret of the fact he relies on fillers and Botox to achieve his unique appearance.

And during an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday, the 56-year-old raised eyebrows when he displayed a noticeably puffy visage.

After in-studio footage was shared to Instagram, KIIS FM listeners soon began accusing Alex of overdoing the cosmetic work and having one too many ‘facelifts’.

‘How many facelifts has he had?’ Fans have accused Alex Perry of having more plastic surgery, after he looked noticeably puffy during a radio interview on Monday (right). Left: Alex in 2018

‘How many facelifts has he had?’ one fan asked, prompting another to comment: ‘He looks like an old sock.’

It comes after a leading plastic surgeon accused the fashionista of ‘excessive’ use of anti-wrinkle injections last year. 

Dr. Randal Haworth observed that Alex looks remarkably different in before and after photos and may have taken things too far. 

The Beverly Hills-based surgeon also claimed that Alex’s face now looks rather ‘crowded’ as a result of ‘too much’ filler.

That’s gotta hurt! After footage of Alex’s interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show was shared to Instagram, fans soon began accusing him of having one too many ‘facelifts’

Candid: Alex (pictured on Kyle and Jackie O) has made no secret of the fact he relies on fillers and Botox to achieve his unique appearance

‘There is no denying that Mr. Perry has undergone significant change to his countenance,’ Dr. Haworth said at the time.

‘Compared to his younger self, his face is now “crowded”, making his eyes appear smaller and closer set.

‘Most likely, a generous recipe of injected filler and more than a drizzle of Botox in and around his forehead, brows and temples contributed to this look.’

‘Compared to his younger self, his face is now crowded’: Last year, plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth criticised Alex’s ‘excessive’ use of Botox and fillers. Pictured left: Alex in March 2002, and right:in September 2017

‘Additionally, his mid-face (the area between his lower eyes and upper lip) has been amply plumped to attain the “apple cheek”, a feature I feel is best left flatter in men,’ he added.

Dr. Haworth went on to say that it’s hard to determine whether Alex’s cosmetic work is permanent or temporary.

‘Hopefully the fillers used to obtain Mr. Perry’s current look are absorbable and therefore temporary,’ he said. ‘However, if fat was used (which is a permanent, living filler) his options, unfortunately, will be more limited.

Alex, whose celebrity fans include Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, told Yahoo Lifestyle in 2013 that he is not ashamed of using fillers and Botox.

‘There is nothing not real, there are a few fillers and there is a bit of Botox but that’s that. That’s normal, right?… It’s all real. It’s all real,’ he said.

In 2016, the Australia’s Next Top Model judge was criticised for his appearance by one of the show’s contestants, Kassidy Ure.

After Alex criticised one of her photos, she sniped back: ‘At least my lips are real!’ 

Unashamed: Alex, whose fans include Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, said in 2013 he is not ashamed of using fillers and Botox. Pictured left in March 2005