Born to be wild! Tammy Hembrow looks unrecognisable in a newly unearthed hip-hop music video from 2014 – which shows the fitness model smoking and drinking

efore making a name for herself on Instagram, Tammy Hembrow starred in an outrageous hip-hop music video.

A newly-unearthed YouTube video shows the now 24-year-old letting lose in the clip for underground Aussie hip-hop band Mr Hill & Rahjconkas’ 2014 single, Non Stop.

The video was uploaded in April 2014, and five years later, Tammy is virtually unrecognisable from her former self.

Now and then: Before making a name for herself on Instagram Tammy Hembrow was starring in rap music videos. Pictured left in a 2014 music video, and right on Monday
Compared to her current appearance, Tammy’s face appeared to be much fresher, bearing classic girl-next-door good looks.

Her lips appear smaller, her face is less full, and her nose looks much different.

Even Tammy’s hair is a different hue, having once been a golden blonde compared to the platinum she’s known for now.

Wild child: In the music video, Tammy can be seen puffing on a cigarette while swigging back drinks

Natural beauty: Compared to her current appearance, Tammy’s face appeared much more natural looking, bearing classic girl-next-door good looks

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia in August 2018, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth claimed Tammy may have undergone a nose job, liposuction and dermal fillers to achieve her bombshell look. 

‘Based on what I presume to be filtered photos, she has undergone a striking transformation of not only her facial features but also of her facial shape,’ Dr Haworth claimed at the time.  

He added: ‘Specifically, her jawline is more defined into a “V-line”. I would even venture to say her chin has been shortened and narrowed compared to her teenage years.’

Golden girl: Even Tammy’s hair is a different hue, having once been a golden blonde compared to the platinum she’s known for now

Helping hand: In an interview with Daily Mail Australia in August 2018, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Randal Haworth claimed Tammy may have undergone a nose job, liposuction and dermal fillers to achieve her bombshell look

Dr Haworth also believes her V-line chin could have been achieved through either ‘liposuction or bony chin modification’.

He also acknowledged that ‘losing her “baby fat” may have been a contributing factor’ to the visible changes in Tammy’s jawline.  

Furthermore, Dr Haworth claimed that Tammy may have undergone a rhinoplasty to fine-tune her look, saying: ‘A subtle, balanced rhinoplasty to narrow her nasal bones and refine her tip may have been carried out.’

Finger licking good: At one stage in the music video, she’s seen seductively licking the screen of her iPhone

Sharing is caring: Another scene from the music video shows a girl squirting a liquid out of her own mouth and into Tammy’s open mouth

‘Based on what I presume to be filtered photos, she has undergone a striking transformation of not only her facial features but also of her facial shape,’ Dr Haworth told Daily Mail Australia

He also suggested that Tammy’s cheekbones look more sculpted and angled upwards in recent photos, while her eye-hollows appear less apparent.

Both of these changes are likely to have been carried out with a filler such as Voluma or Restylane Lyft, or even achieved via fat transfer. 

According to Dr Haworth, Tammy’s lips have also almost certainly been enhanced due to their ‘overly plumped’ appearance.

Giving cheek: Dr Haworth has also suggested that Tammy’s cheekbones look more sculpted and angled upwards in recent photos, while her eye-hollows appear less apparent

Drink up: The hard partying music video shows Tammy having drinks poured directly into her open mouth

He claimed: ‘Like Kylie Jenner, Tammy has been originally inspired by the Angelina Jolie lip variety. Paradoxically, lips oversized for a face can mature the visage beyond its years.’

In the music video, Tammy can be seen puffing on a cigarette while swigging back drinks.

At one stage, she’s seen licking the screen of her iPhone, before another girl squirts a liquid out of her mouth into Tammy’s open mouth.  

Lip service: According to Dr Haworth, Tammy’s lips have also almost certainly been enhanced due to their ‘overly plumped’ appearance

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The small town country girl and former grid girl has made a slow and steady rise over the past eight years to become one of Melbourne’s top WAGs. A leading plastic surgeon claims Jessie has ‘stayed ahead of the game’ by enhancing her features with cosmetic procedures. Dr. Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia he believes Jessie has undergone a breast augmentation, as well using Botox and fillers. Jessie Habermann‘I am quite confident she has neither changed her nose nor augmented her cheeks or jawline. However, her face does seem more elegantly defined perhaps with the help of a little makeup alongside a loss of ‘baby fat’,’ stated the Beverly Hills surgeon. Dr. Haworth also recognized that Jessie’s eyebrows appeared subtly higher over the years, and her lips, fuller. ‘Her eyebrows in certain photographs appear elevated into a more graceful arch which, at her age was most likely attained with Botox,’ he declared. The celebrity surgeon also described: ‘A hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane was the most likely culprit behind her present pleasingly plump lips. What is more obvious is her augmented bosom. Certain dresses reveal unnaturally round breasts with clearly defined edges. To me, that spells breast augmentation until proven otherwise. Despite this, I feel the size of her breasts do complement the rest of her body,’ Dr. Haworth stated. The plastic surgeon proceeded: ‘All in all, I feel Jessie has matured into a young beautiful woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin.’

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The Biggest Loser star Michelle Bridges has helped thousands of people with her fitness program. According to Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, she may have undergone her own transformation. ‘It appears Michelle’s striking facial change came from an enthusiastic use of fillers and Botox. Unfortunately, the manner in which they were used tends to detract from her natural facial harmony rather than enhance it.’ said Dr. Haworth. Dr. Haworth went on to describe the tell-tale signs of Michelle’s supposed cosmetic work. Blair Thomas‘Her eyebrows are a tad too elevated into a pointed arch similar to Captain Spock, which is most likely the result of Botox. Ironically, this shape can be softened with a further small shot of Botox above each arch. I have a small suspicion Botox was also injected in and around her chin because her smile in recent pictures seems somewhat restricted and stiff,’ he explained. Dr. Haworth also described how Michelle appears to have used a filler such as Juvéderm to plump her lips and under-eye hollows. ‘In certain angles, the filler seems to have accentuated her long upper lip which is a sign of aging. A tell-tale sign that filler was used to treat under-eye hollows is bulging below her lower eyes next to the nose. I can see Michelle has those when she is smiling in recent photographs.’ Original Article

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The Ten Eyewitness News reporter and former Bachelorette, Georgia Love, is known for her striking features and glamorous style. But Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth has claimed that Georgia Love, who once said self-confidence is the key to true beauty, may have had a helping hand with cosmetic treatments. Georgia Love ‘Based purely on her photographs, I strongly suspect Georgia had a brow lift of some sort, either with Botox or from surgery,’ he said. ‘I say this because her eyebrows are not only better shaped with a classical outside arch but also elevated to a pleasing degree. The absence of normal forehead wrinkles and crows feet support Botox treatments.’  Dr Haworth continued: ‘Though Georgia always had full, apple cheeks centered around her nose, they now extend outward towards her ear in a classically refined fashion. However, her mid-face below her cheekbones is noticeably slimmer which may be the result of weight loss, removal of her buccal fat pad or simple contouring.’ ‘I feel she may have had a rhinoplasty because her nasal tip is more refined and her nasal bones narrower,’ he claimed. Original Article

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They’re known for their natural beauty, but it’s no secret Bachelor contestants have turned to cosmetic surgeons in the past. It has been revealed that several women from the Bachelor Australia have invested in some ‘nip and tuck’ before the show. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth provided his thoughts on one of these contestants, Blair Thomas. Dr. Randal Haworth claimed it was quite obvious PE teacher Blair Thomas had undergone breast augmentation. Blair Thomas ‘There is no disputing that Blair had her breasts enhanced, most likely with the help of a plastic surgeon. Her results make quite the statement and leave little to the imagination,’ Dr. Haworth observed. ‘The abrupt edge of her breasts as they transition from her chest wall indicate to me she had breast implants likely placed over her pectoralis major muscle,’ Dr. Haworth claimed. ‘Implants placed over the muscle are more likely to give this “bolt-on” appearance not normally seen in nature. However, when a patient has little body fat or breast tissue, implants placed under the muscle can occasionally give the same appearance.’ Original Article

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The Block winner Elyse Knowles has long been known for her stunning figure. Rumors have been circulating that she has surgically enhanced her physique, with whispers she has previously gone under the knife to increase her bust size. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth offered his thoughts on Elyse’s appearance. He explained there are several types of surgical breast implants, including ‘spotlight’, ‘rejuvenation’ and ‘balance’. Haworth is under the impression Elyse has undergone the latter procedure. Elyse Knowles ‘Balance’ breasts are designed to ‘fly under the radar’, so to speak, leaving little evidence of surgical change. According to Dr. Haworth, ‘balance’ breasts are supposed to ‘look, feel and behave naturally’ and, as such, this is the surgery most likely chosen by Elyse. ‘It is obvious to me that Elyse had this balanced type of breast augmentation which is natural and well proportioned with the rest of her body,’ Haworth claimed. ‘This was likely achieved with cohesive silicone gel implants placed under her pectoralis major muscle.’ Original Article
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