Cosmetic Procedures used to be the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. We knew that Cher and Melanie Griffith were having surgery to keep themselves looking remarkably young. Some of us are even aware that world famous beauties like Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone are not operating solely on the benefits of the good looks God gave them. But when it comes to grabbing a piece of the plastic surgery pie for ourselves many of us feel it’s beyond our scope.

Well, hold your chins high, girls. Justice has arrived in the form of modern technology. With the latest procedure and advancements, you too can look just as beautiful as those who live in the 90210 zip code, at half the price, and for a fraction of the recovery time. Modern cosmetic medicine just keeps getting better and less expensive every day…..

……But wait. If it’s younger looking skin you want, a new version of an older technique is now available. Instead of injecting collagen into the face to make it seem younger an plumper, surgeons are now injecting the patient’s own fat. “It works well to smooth out he crease from your nose to the corners of your mouth,” says Richard W. Fleming, M.D., of Beverly Hills.

In addition, he can use your own fat to fill the hollow under your eyes, reshape your forehead, fill in the bony gap in the middle of your chest between your breasts, even make your hands look plumper and younger.

So where does this fat come from? “Anywhere I can get it,” responds Fleming. “Usually from the lower abdomen or thighs.” But don’t think you’ll get two cosmetic procedures for the price of one. They hardly remove enough to make a difference. Prices range from $500 to fill in a depressed scar to $2,000 to get rid of those indentations under the eyes. Randal Digby Haworth, M.D. , also of Beverly Hills, has nearly perfected another use for fat tissue. He injects it into the lips to give them a youthful plumpness. This permanent “lip lift” costs anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per lip. Dr. Haworth, who is known internationally as “The Man” to see when it comes to improving the lips, says analogous fat transfer (AFT) can have more lasting effects than collagen.

Maybe not as lasting but definitely worth trying, is a product, fresh out of England (and just now available in the states), called The Lift, touted as a new “mini lifting” treatment with immediate results. Though I was dubious, I mixed up the stinky paste and applied it to my face. After 30 minutes. I washed off the hardened mask, and was quite surprised by the results, which lasted several days. My face really did look younger and firmer.

One package of The Lift, which costs $206, contains enough lifting powder and boosting lotion (which you mix together to form a paste) for 30 treatments. The price may be steep, but as Felicity Calthorp, creator of The Lift, explains, you’re getting 30 facials for a low $7 each. I had to agree. The Lift is exclusively available at Saks or by calling 1-888-354-LIFT (or www.perfectskin.co.uk ).

The latest word in breast implants is shape, according to body specialist Dr. Bolton. Many women are opting for tear drop shaped implants that give the appearance of the breast sloping gently and naturally from the top of the chest up to a perky nipple, rather than the more traditional implants have that uniformly round, half-melon effect. If you have an expert like Dr. Bolton or Dr. Haworth work on your breasts, it could cost you from $5,500 to $6,800.

After the big silicone scare, most women seem to be more confortable with saline implants these days since the leakage is harmless. But recent studies are showing that the improved silicone implants can be harmless as well.