Treating lips on an individual basis is vital, according to aesthetic surgeon Randal Digby Haworth, because “Lips are very unforgiving they must be done perfectly from the beginning in order to get a natural result. The important thing is harmony with the face.” Haworth has devised a number of lip enhancement procedures, each achieving a particular look or style. “Or you can have a combination of all these procedures, where I mix and tweak like a cook.” The upper lift, or paranasal lip lift is employed to enhance an overly long or aged upper lip says Haworth. “The upper lip is a dead give-away of your age-a long, old upper lip can mean a ‘horsy’ appearance where no upper teeth are visible when the mouth is in repose.” The procedure involves surgery that is performed regionally as opposed to directly on the or in the lip. “The results display more of the upper teeth when the mouth is in repose and everts the upper lip to expose more vermilion. Shortening the upper lip restores a youthful balance to the lower face,” explains Dr. Haworth. Recovery time is usually about five days, and the scar becomes invisible in a short time.