You may well have seen Dr. Randal Haworth on Entertainment Tonight or other national television programs. He is a celebrated plastic surgeon who invented the Haworth Lip Technique, boasts a clientele of celebrities and socialites from around the world, and was recently named one of the best eight in his field by Los Angeles magazine. Dr. Haworth’s office (which includes full operating facilities) is a perfect reflection of his brand. “It is important for a plastic surgeon to show prospective patients the aesthetic side of his personality without going too far over the edge,” he notes. “I am, after all, a board-certified surgeon, and would thus not want to be perceived as a ‘fringe personality.’ ” This doctor’s office strikes an excellent balance: the reception area is warm and welcoming, while the inner offices maintain the requisite clinical feel. Of special note is the fact that Dr. Haworth’s own painting are exhibited through the office and examination rooms. “Part of my brand,” Dr. Haworth explains, “is that I am not only a highly trained plastic surgeon, but a man with highly developed aesthetic sense. In fact,” he continues, “I will be exhibiting my work at Bergamot Station (one of Los Angeles’s most respected art venues) later this year. This tells patients not only that I have a strong sense of aesthetics and composition, but that I am a well-rounded individual, with interests that extend far beyond the realm of my medical practice.”