The Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Women who are seeking to undergo breast augmentation basically fall into one of three categories:

1. Women who are seeking balance-these patients never had the ideal aesthetic balance between your shoulders and hips and breasts. Indeed, they always considered their breast to be underdeveloped to the point where they could never find a proper fitting bra.

2. Women who are seeking rejuvenation-this group aims to replace breast tissue which was lost to the ravages of gravity, pregnancy and nursing. Even though many members of this group often state that their breasts were perfect when they were in their early 20s, others claim that they never were well endowed at an early age. this latter subset actually are a combination of those seeking balance (1.) and those seeking rejuvenation (2.).

3. Women seeking breast enhancement to garner more attention in the sexual point of view. Although most women within this group want larger than average breasts, most still demand to have a natural, teardrop shaped and soft result that will fool even the most discriminating of observers. I do not perform breast augmentation on patients deliberately demanding a “fake” look or those wanting to achieve results bordering on the comically hideous in terms of size and shape.

All of these three aforementioned groups have legitimate reasons to undergo breast augmentation utilizing either saline or silicone gel implants. I will perform the surgery on those who have realistic expectations of what breast implant surgery can do for them as well as understand the risks of placing an implant within your body. While getting bigger breasts can enhance one’s physical appearance and perhaps even boost one’s self-confidence, it will not necessarily bring about the perfect body or change people’s perceptions or the way one will be treated.

According to Dr. Randal Haworth of The Haworth Institute, the best candidates for the aesthetic surgical procedure are healthy women with realistic expectations. People who are looking for improvement rather than perfection in the way they look, as well as those who wish to get breast implants to rectify some form of breast disfigurement.

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