While under eye-puffiness and bags maybe genetic, loss or redistribution of fat may also be a factor. “With time, the fat pads under the eyes can start to protrude,” says Dr. Murphy. “Once there’s a change in the overlying tissue support in front of the fat, it starts to come through as bags, which make the under eyes puffy.” As the skin under the eyes start to thin out, there’s less of a buffer between what’s happening deep under the skin and what shows on the surface. “Bags can get worse with age and high-salt diets,” says Beverly Hills, California, plastic surgeon RANDAL Haworth, M.D.


Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can check the tear trough area (Sometimes extending outward for a natural look) with Restylane, juvederm or fat to rebuild the orbital rim, prevent shadowing and fill in sunken areas. “Belotero is good for under the eyes because the Tyndall effect is less common,” says Dr. Haworth


The only way to permanently fix a saggy brow or and hooded or saggy upper eyelids is with surgery. While not everyone may experience those symptoms, they tend to occur together because the upper lid and brows are dependent on one another and an aging brow can affect the look of the lid.”We can treat a saggy brow line with an endoscopic brow lift to correct the shape and reestablish the height. It also cleans up the upper lid without operating on it,” says Dr. Haworth. To address loose skin, an upper blepharoplasty can be performed. A hollowed look, caused by a loss of volume in the brows or upper lid, can be corrected using fat or fillers to plump the area. Often a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty are done together to achieve the most natural results.