We’ve all seen the: collagen-blasted lips that look like Donald Duck after a late night fist fight. Too often, women seeking a fuller, poutier mouth go overboard with the collagen injections and look more enraged than enhanced. The shelf-like lip projection and bloated overhand achieved through traditional collagen injections are the stuff of talk show jokes and behind-her-back snickers. More and more women want a luscious bee-stung look but get a result that’s more silly than sexy. When collagen is injected without regard to the individual mouth shape, the result can be less appealing.

To the rescue is Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, who understands that lip augmentation is more than simply sticking stuff under the skin. Haworth takes into account a number of factors: whether an upper lip is too long, or lips are inverted, or if lips are just too thin. Haworth will inject lips, but it’s usually with a transfer of fat from the lower abdomen, which allows for more sophisticated and exact injection capabilities. Fat transfer causes less post-procedural swelling and a less phony effect.

What Haworth, who is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, can give lips is more of a put than a phony pump. “The ideal youthful smile is one with plump lips, slightly parted, and about three millimeters of upper teeth showing-it’s a very vibrant, very fertile look,” he explains.