THE FACIAL EQUIVALENT OF Pamela Anderson’s breasts, unnaturally full lips were rampant in the ’90s. Ten years ago, collagen was the material used to pump up lips, and the procedure was usually performed without consideration for individual mouth shape. Todays’s method of choice is fat transfer, which processes fat extracted from the lower abdomen and results in highly refined injection capabilities. “Fat transfer has become the paint and spackle of our profession and is the safest, most exact substance for lip volumizing,” says Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills. The process permits increased blood flow to the lips, decreased postprocedural swelling and a less “done” effect. The most requested looks? Michelle Pfeiffer’s heart-shaped lips and Christy Turlington’s full bodied pout are often cited as ideals. Upcoming developments, according to Haworth, include injectable substances with greater reliability. Though he believes that clients will continue to favor full lips over thin ones, Haworth expects the “volume explosion,” as he calls it, to settle down.