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I have found there is definitely a trend toward a more natural, youthful face with fullness, getting rid of the boney look around the face. When we age we lose the fat under our skin-it disappears. The key to youth is to reapply the subcutaneous fat that’s right under the skin. Minor aging occurs in the hollow of the eyes and up to the lash line, and the area up to the brow bone tend to get deflated. What we can do is inject it so that it’s smooth and plump. Also, we can elevate the brow bone and eyelid to the temple to get that “cover of a magazine, photoshopped look.” Micro-injection techniques are used for this. Botox has the monopoly on the market for this procedure. Botox or other injectables can also be used in the chin and neck bands; they are in what I call my ‘art box.’ These nonabrasive procedures are big with celebs. The fillers that are used are Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. Long-acting fillers such as Juvederm Ultra can last up to six to eight months. Polyacrylamide advancements have made it possible for many new fillers to come onto the market. –Dr. Randal Haworth, Board-certified plastic surgeon, 436 North Bedford, Suite 105, Beverly Hills, 90210, 310-272-3000.