10% weight loss in 10 days

Dr Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills discusses one of the most effective diets to hit the US.

Yes, it is true. Men can lose up to 10% of their total body weight in 10 days while women can lose up to 7%!I have been so impressed with the results that I am now offering this weight loss program at The Haworth Institute in Beverly Hills as part of our commitment to not only human aesthetics but also health and well being.

These results are achieved with what nutritionists and other scientists refer to as a ketogenic diet, one in which only body fat and no muscle mass is lost. Pure liquid protein is fed via a minute clear feeding tube and this, in turn, induces one’s body to first burn off the 48 hour glycogen reserve within the liver, after which time the body re calibrates itself to burn off pure fat. During this process, ketones are concomitantly released and expelled in the urine (which can be measured via dip “sticks” we provide), indicating that the body is in ketosis and fat is being efficiently burned.

The diet is divided into cycles, each of which last 10 days. As aforementioned, men can lose 10% of the body weight within one cycle while women can lose 7%. After a diet phase is complete, the patient is referred under the guidance of our nutritionist. After 10 days, a second cycle of the 10 Pro-Ten may be initiated during which time men can lose another 10% while women can lose, not 7, but 10% of their body weight .

Think of it-after 30 days, a patient can lose an unprecedented 20% of their total body weight. By way of example, a 200 lb man will lose 20 lbs after 10 day cycle then , after waiting 10 days may lose another 18 lbs (10% of 180 lbs),resulting in a total weight loss of 38 lbs in 30 days!.

To get started on this program, Dr Haworth or one of his associates will evaluate your suitability for the 10 Pro-Ten diet and , if you are deemed eligible, then some basic blood tests are drawn for analysis.  Once cleared, the patient has a micro feeding tube inserted via the nose into the stomach. This sounds  far worse than it is. There is virtually no discomfort with this very quick maneuver. The tube is then connected to a mini  high-tech pump which infuses the protein mix and a constant rate, 20 hours a day. This pump and associated protein are situated within a small backpack which one carries around with them for the 10 days of the cycle. One can detach the tube from the pump in order to shower or exercise.Sleep should not be a problem.

There is little to no hunger with this program thus minimizing any temptation to “cheat”, unlike conventional dietary regimens.

To summarize the advantages of the 10 Pro-Ten diet:

  1. Fat loss, not muscle
  2. Relative low  cost
  3. No surgery
  4. Very safe
  5. Little to no hunger, thus maximizing compliance
  6. Last but not least, extremely effective with up to 10% body weight loss in 10 days
The one disadvantage is the feeding tube but experience from Italy (where this concept was popularized) reveals a very high patient satisfaction rate for both “obese” patients and those requiring a small “tune up” before a special occasion, the holidays or a photo shoot whereby a patient needs to lose a certain amount of body fat quickly and safely. Cost for a 10 day cycle approaches $1500.00 at the time of this writing.
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