Want a body like London Goheen? The American model, 21, shares her tips and a surprisingly easy derrière workout in a racy new video

American model London Goheen, 21, regularly sets pulses racing with her steamy bikini-clad selfies. 

And on Saturday, the brunette beauty shared her workout secrets for achieving a toned derrière. 

Taking to Instagram, London shared a racy video of herself doing one of her typically intense workouts at the gym

Want a body like London Goheen? The 21-year-old American model has shared her workout secrets in a racy clip of her in the gym with her doing a number of leg raises and deadlifts

In the footage, London is first seen doing leg bends, and tells fans she does the exercise 15 times, for three sets.  

The brunette beauty then demonstrates a number of leg raises, and says she does the movement 30 times, for three sets. 

London then moves on to weighted lunges, with her doing the movement 15 times with two two-kilogram hand weights.  

The model ended the surprisingly simple workout with 30 bench step-overs and three sets of 15 deadlifts. 

Last year, photos emerged of the stunner showing the extent of the extraordinary transformation she’s managed to achieve since her days as an ordinary high school student in the US.

Let’s get physical: Clad in skimpy workout gear, London showed off her surprisingly easy workout in the gym, with her doing leg raises and a series of weighted lunges

Dr Randal Haworth told Daily Mail Australia in December that he believes the Texan has undergone rhinoplasty in addition to having non-surgical lip fillers.

The Beverly Hills-based surgeon also suggested that London refined her appearance in order to improve her chances of modelling success.

‘It is clear to me her previously pleasing nose has been further refined with rhinoplasty,’ said Dr Haworth.

Transformation: London has overhauled her appearance with rhinoplasty and fillers, according to a leading cosmetic surgeon. Pictured left: In her teenage years, and right: in 2018

‘Specifically, her slightly bulbous tip has been narrowed to form a perfect streamline with her thin nasal bridge. All in all, it’s good work,’ he added.   

Dr. Haworth further speculated that London has augmented her lips with filler to create a more ‘sensual’ look.

‘Her lips have been obviously augmented, most likely with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvéderm, Volbella or Restylane,’ he said.

In January, an eagle-eyed fan noticed London had previously admitted to breast implants on her Instagram account. 

‘Where did you get your breast augmentation you look amazing,’ one fan asked, to which London replied, ‘Houston’.   

London first made headlines in September when Reece Hawkins, 24, publicly confirmed they were dating.

The new relationship, which began just a few months after Reece ended his engagement to fitness model Tammy Hembrow, left millions of fans devastated. 

Case of the ex: London is in a relationship with Reece Hawkins, the ex-partner of Instagram sensation and fitness model Tammy Hembrow (pictured)