Dr. Randal Haworth

Master plastic surgeon of facial hyperaesthetics and nose

Rhinoplasty Expert Dr Haworth
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Faces By Dr. Haworth

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Randal Haworth MD has garnered a global reputation as both a primary and revision facelift expert based on the dramatic, yet naturally beautiful results he is able to attain. He is sought out by those who will only accept the highest quality work available.

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Nose By Dr. Haworth

Since both primary and revision rhinoplasty is a main focus of Dr. Haworth, he strives with his artist's eye to not only reshape the nose into a beautiful feature but also proportion it to the rest of the face. With advanced techniques, he creates an ideal nose in terms of projection, angles and shape while methodically hiding the evidence of surgery being performed in the first place. Dr. Haworth is your rhinoplasty expert Beverly Hills.
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Eyes By Dr. Haworth

Though the endoscopic brow lift is one of Dr. Haworth's specialties, the eyelift or blepharoplasty is also a very popular procedure for those who want to restore a naturally youthful, well -rested look to their eyelids. Since it can remove wrinkled skin, visible fat bags and dark hollowed circles, a precision blepharoplasty can provide significantly better results than any laser, filler or creams.

Beverly Hills Lip Surgeon

Lips By Dr. Haworth

As one of the world's premier pioneers of lip reshaping surgery, Dr. Haworth has performed his unique techniques on thousands of patients and has been invited to lecture and author on the subject. Few specialize in this surgery because it involves exceedingly precise planning and execution, where every fraction of a millimeter counts.

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Breasts By Dr. Haworth

Dr. Haworth is familiar with all types of breast enhancement including augmentation, lift and reduction. Even with difficult revision and reconstruction cases, his goal remains the same-to create symmetrical breasts that look, feel and behave naturally.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Body By Dr. Haworth

From arms, buttocks and abdomen to thighs and ankles, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Haworth uses his 360° liposculpture, fat transfer, abdominoplasty and other specialized techniques to create bodies with smaller, tighter silhouettes and beautiful curves.

Dr. Haworth is a world renowned expert in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, lip lifts, breast implant surgery, and a master of hyperaesthetic change.

Beverly Hills facial surgeon

Not just a plastic surgeon, he is the inventor and founder of NightLift®, a revolutionary bra featuring a breast support system that is wire-free. He has also created the JawThruster, a device used by anesthesia providers to protect their patients' airway and insure their safety.

Lip Lift expert surgeon

As an innovator in plastic surgery, Dr. Haworth has been consistently featured in the popular media including the hit show, The Swan. He has published and lectured globally on his techniques of lip reshaping, rhinoplasty, brow and facelift.

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Bellafill doctor Beverly Hills
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Bellafill doctor Beverly Hills
Facetite doctor Beverly Hills

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