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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation procedures smooth (by filling wrinkles) or contour (by increasing volume ) in tissues where fat has shifted or diminished, thereby restoring a healthy, youthful look. A youthful face is accentuated by convexities and an aging one by concavities.

Best Candidates for Lip Augmentation:

• Are in good health
• Do not smoke
• Have realistic expectations of what fat grafting can and cannot achieve. For example, it will not substitute for a facelift, but will produce beautiful and natural softening of the face and its associated age-related folds.
• Have the time available for healing and resolution of bruising (usually 10-21 days).

General Information About Lip Augmentation:

Temporary solutions for lip augmentation are achieved through collagen and fat injections, both requiring repeat treatments to maintain lip augmentation, as the materials are readily absorbed into the body. Collagen used in lip augmentation generally lasts 3-4 months, and while fat injections last slightly longer, a lip augmentation using fat injections can be more unpredictable, resulting in lumping and scarring. Other lip augmentation solutions involve the use of implants, either entirely synthetic materials, or lip augmentation inserts using some amount of donated skin. Unlike the non-surgical, injection based systems of lip augmentation, the inserts require about one week for recovery, and allergies to the lip augmentation inserts have been known to occur. A permanent, low-risk solution for lip augmentation involves the use of Gore-Tex material, which the human body seems to tolerate well, but lip augmentation by these means may not be the best idea for someone who is only experimenting with lip augmentation. Someone in that position may prefer to start out with collagen to see how lip augmentation could affect them.

Typical Recovery Time:

Whether or not an anesthetic is necessary depends on the lip augmentation procedure. Topical anesthesia is generally used before lip injections, so that the procedure is painless. Local anesthesia is normally used during grafts and flaps. The procedure painless during the operation, but may be some discomfort afterward. It takes longer to recover from a surgical procedure than an injection.
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