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Gallery: Cheek Implants

Patient 167 before Patient 167 after
This young lady was complaining of unattractive lips and facial gauntness (a feature that young models aspire to, but not one which is generally flattering after the age of 30). A conservative plan was decided upon, in which Dr. Haworth, a specialist in facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty and lip surgery in Beverly Hills, decided to forgo any lip filling (with fat) and instead only focus upon improving the lip shape.
Patient 167 before Patient 167 after
She underwent silicone malar/submalar cheek implantation, lower lid blepharoplasty (both to remove fat bulges yet add it via fat transfer in the lower eyelid hollows), upper lip lift and lower lip V-Y plasty. The latter procedure both mildly lifts and rolls out the lower lip. The follow-up photographs were taken approximately 9 months after surgery.


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