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Gallery: Breast Augmentation

Patient 225 before Patient 225 after

This 31 yo female was complaining of progressively "sagging" breasts in spite of the fact that she had naturally full ones in her late teens and early 20s. Fluctuations of weight may have contributed to her issue. She came to Dr Randal Haworth, a breast implant specialist located in Beverly Hills, to address the problem. She had an unusual case of breast ptosis-one that is not related to drooping of her "nipples" so to speak. She had the opposite problem in which her nipple areolae were overly rotated superiorly (sometimes pointing out of her brassiere). Her problem was that she had excess skin below her nipple areolae. Plastic surgeons sometimes call this mammory pseudo ptosis. Her clavicle-to-nipple/areola distance was also long.

She wanted a rejuvenated result that would restore her fullness with minimal scarring. Dr.Haworth proposed a minimal incision Benelli mastopexy in which the scar would ultimately be confined to the circumference of the Areolae. The design was unusual in the sense that most of the excess skin was excised from below the lower portion of the areola in order to reduce the lower pole of the breast and help rotate the nipple/areolae somewhat inferiorly to create a more harmonious appearing breast. A sub muscular/sub pectoral breast augmentation utilizing a 250 mL silicone Memory gel implant was performed concomitantly.


Patient 225 before Patient 225 after

Scars generally heel very well despite temporary pleating of the outside border of the incision which tends to disappear in 3 to 4 months. Seven month follow-up is presented here. The patient was delighted with her rejuvenated breast after her breast augmentation with simultaneous Benelli mastopexy.


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