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"My philosophy is that in plastic surgery there are doctors who have become artists and artists who have become doctors.
I count myself among the latter."
Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon


I have always been artistic as far as I can remember, always gravitating towards artistic mediums along with a strong aesthetic appreciation for the world around me. However, I have also always had a curious side and been motivated by science, biology and medicine. When I first realized, at age thirteen, that plastic surgery could be my career I knew I had found my place. Plastic surgery represents the perfect synthesis of art and science, where the left and right sides of my brain could express themselves in harmony.


Plastic Surgery is a combination of technical skill and aesthetic sensibility. Equally as important is an acknowledgement of the patient's individuality, whether it be the physical features themselves or the person's personality or soul. Everything must be in sync to achieve a balanced whole. This same aesthetic sensibility allows me to excel in every aspect of plastic surgery, for both face and body, allowing me to instill my full passion in each procedure I perform. I work hard helping my patients to realize their goals in this most personal endeavor while maintaining respect and confidentiality.


Since opening my practice in Beverly Hills in 1995 I have striven to deliver the best that plastic surgery can offer. Furthermore, my staff is dedicated to doing the same. I realize that cosmetic surgery is a tool by which people seek to customize their appearance in accordance with their subjective sense of self. As such, it is a tool that should be a reliable one, medically safe, and one directed by artistic endeavor and a strong aesthetic integrity. We at The Haworth Institute make this a reality and we do it every day.

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