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Endotine MidFace™:

For individuals with sagging cheeks but no jowls or banding of the neck, a mid-face lift may be the best solution. Often relying on endoscope cameras and other technological advances, mid-face lifts target the skin and muscle tissue in the cheeks, tightening and smoothing the appearance. Most persons opting for a mid-face lift are addressing deep marionette lines or nasolabial folds. These can be addressed with Gore-Tex implants or injectable materials, but a mid-face lift is often more effective and the results last considerably longer.

Best Candidates for the Procedure:

The procedure is attractive to busy consumers who do not have time nor money for a whole facelift and those who just want a somewhat younger appearance. Of course, good health is the basic prerequisite for any surgical procedure. You can get an idea of the likely results by putting a finger next to the corner of your lip and gently elevating upward and outward. You may be a good candidate for a mid-facelift if you have a deep line running from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth. Or, if you have jowls and the loss of a well-defined jawline or deep wrinkles in your cheeks and sagging near your cheekbones.

General Information About The Procedure:

Dr. Haworth has been using Endodine technology for mid-face lifts for over six years with superb results surpassing those achieved with sutures. Manufactured by Coapt Systems Inc., Endotine systems represent a real breakthrough in soft tissue repositioning and healing. In short, Endotine are rapidly imperceptible tined implants that secure soft tissue in place of interior suturing. This means little to no trauma to the surrounding tissue, faster surgery time, faster healing, smoother healing and virtually no scarring. Even more extraordinary, the material itself is bioabsorbable meaning that as the tissue securely heals in its new position, the implant itself gradually and safely reabsorbs into the body, leaving no traces of itself behind.

Typical Recovery Time:

By the third week, you'll look and feel much better. Most patients are back at work about two to three weeks after surgery. If you need it, special camouflage makeup can mask most bruising that remains.
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