Before & After - Lips - Lower V-Y Plasty/lower lip lift

Classic Facelift Before & Before


Classic Facelift After & After


This Asian woman underwent a primary rhinoplasty with nostril narrowing of via a Weir excision. However, she also chose to shorten her lip with Dr. Haworth, the world's top lip enhancement surgical specialist based in Beverly Hills who happens to also be one of the best hyperesthetic surgeons in the field. To perform the two simultaneously requires careful choreography so that the performance of the multiple procedures are performed in the proper sequence. After facial fat transfer was performed (as well as the rhinoplasty) the upper lip lift was carried out along with a lower lip V-Y plasty in order to shorten the upper lip and raise the lower lip so that the upper and lower teeth were unveiled and covered, respectively.


The net aesthetic affect was not just confined to her perioral region but also it changed her whole countenance. The lip lift not only rujuvenates the mouth rgion but also removes 7 to 10 years off the appearance of the face it general.

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