Who’s that girl ?”

Buffaloed by father time and rattled by the success of her nemesis lady gaga , insiders dished Madonna has invested in a massive cosmetic makeover to word off a crippling to experts , the “crazy for you ” singer has gone crazy for youth-enhancing procedures , and likely gone under  the knife for an eye lift , brown lift and face- lift plus filler injections ” she looks completely unrecognizable ! tattled a source close to the 60 year old material granny “.

“Madonna has had a ton of work done , but it hasn’t been flattering . she’d do better to just grow old gracefully !!”

Leading celebrity plastic surgeon Dr .Randal Haworth agreed .

” no mere mortal would look as smooth and tight as Madonna appears without cosmetic intervention!”

Said the Beverly hills – based surgeon known for the reality .

TV  series ” the swan ” ” the outer edge of her lower eyelid has been lifted and pulled away from the socket . this was done to tighten and elevate the lower lid into a tilted almond shape .

” I also suspect a brown lift to accentuate her outer eyebrow arch.”

Dr . Matthew Schulman ,a new York – based board – certified plastic surgeon , estimates the ” like a virgin ” singer spends upward of 10,000$ on her face each month , thanks to a regular battery of filler injections !

Dr . Haworth also noted the entire shape of Madonna’s face has been altered , saying : “it’s more slender and definitely tighter with a conspicuous absence of jowls and natural folds ! these are the signs of a face – lift! “

The former blond bombshell has also dyed her hair and opted for a new hairstyle that ” conveniently hides her face – lift scars ,” he added . recently the national enquirer revealed the matronly star was sporting a Colossal new caboose –with Dr . Anthony Youn pointing out that the excess junk in Madonna’s trunk was due to either butt implants or massive pads in her pants !

The “into the  groove ” singer has even given herself a new  pair of hands , as enquirer readers learned last summer ! her mitts look ” smoother and more youthful  than they have in years ! ” said Dr . Youn .

The insider sniffed : ” its all part of an effort on her  part to try to find the fountain of youth ”