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I, Dr. Randal Haworth, have embarked on a dedicated mission to deliver the best and most comprehensive care in the aesthetic medical arena.To fully grasp what this means, it is necessary to divide aesthetic medicine into three prongs:

1. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

2. Non invasive Aesthetic Clinical Treatments

3. At Home Skin care

Though this section of the web site does not delve into plastic surgery, suffice it to say that the latest plastic surgical procedures are incorporated into my practice, but only after careful evaluation for accuracy and safety.

The same goes for *New Technologies* and *Skin Care*. There is a bewildering array of new technologies constantly emerging and offered to plastic surgeons and their patients. Some are pie-in-the-sky promises, others represent real breakthroughs. My job is to ascertain the most cost-effective and efficacious ones and bring them to my patients as we expand the scope of aesthetic refinement.

After many years of study and deliberation, working in conjunction with outside medi-spas and practitioners I came to the sobering conclusion that few live up to their promise, expectations and ethics. As a result of this disappointment, I sought out to create my own center of non-invasive skin care excellence, housed under the one roof of The Haworth Institute with direct doctor oversight. This is how The Beverly Hills Skin Lab was borne, through a commitment to offer the best possible outcomes for my patients.Even though the Skin Lab features state-of-the-art laser technologies for skin rejuvenation and hair removal as well as offer a wide array of fillers and injectables, its success can only be assured by having these modalities applied with proper expertise.


Fraxel® This revolutionary laser now mimics results only seen with the CO2 deep lasers of the past, but without the downtime! Dramatic reduction in FINE LINES, PORES, BROWN DISCOLORATIONS and even ACNE SCARS is possible with 3 to 5 sessions (performed at 2 to 3-week intervals). There is a 4-day period of mild redness. Read more about this product.

Lumenis® IPL Dr. Haworth and staff at the Beverly Hills Skin Lab are committed to providing the best, proven state-of-the-art noninvasive technologies for his patients. Among them are the Lumenis One® IPL machine which uses short bursts of high intensity light of multiple wavelengths to treat BROWN SPOTS, BROKEN CAPILLARIES, ROSACEA and FINE LINES. It is relatively painless and all parts of the body on all skin types can be treated. Generally, packages of 4 to 5 are needed to obtain the most effective results and what makes is very attractive for my patients is that little to no downtime is encountered. Read more about this product.

Lumenis Light Sheer Duet® This laser is among the very best for permanently reducing and Removing Hair on all parts of the body and face. The state-of-the-art technology that is combined in this machine is truly remarkable in that it utilizes a very large Diode laser spot size as well as combining vacuum assisted technology. As a result, large areas can be treated very quickly and effectively with minimal discomfort-even to the point where no numbing cream is needed prior to application. Ask our aesthetic nurse practitioner about how The LightSheer®Duet™ can help you achieve your personal beauty goals, save you valuable hours from shaving and avoid the associated rashes, cuts and ingrown hair infections. Read more about this product.

Roll-CIT® This is a non-ablative device consisting of a roller with attached micro needles that facilitates the skin to produce collagen and elastin. One can consider this as a supercharged mesotherapeutic tool that preserves the top layer of skin while utilized to treat WRINKLES, LOOSE SKIN, STRETCH MARKS, SKIN DISCOLORATIONS and SCARS. When performed by our aesthetic practitioner at the Beverly Hills Skin Lab, needle lengths up to 2 mm are utilized whereas longer ones are employed by Dr. Haworth, sometimes under twilight sleep. Personal care versions with significantly shorter needle lengths are available from skin care professionals only. Read more about this product.

Thermage® Radio Frequency skin tightening is no longer offered here at the Beverly Hills Skin Lab for the following reasons. I have been underwhelmed by this and other RF (radiofrequency)-based technologies. Albeit, initial results can be impressive, longer-term ones are less so; indeed, measurable results can only be seen in roughly 20% of my patients, a clearly disappointing figure.


Belotero® This is the newest addition to the family of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers available to patients in the USA . While, you may have heard of Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Perlane®, etc. however, there are some disadvantages to their use. The Tyndall Effect is one such problem that is encountered, especially when a well-meaning practitioner injects theses latter substances into and around the lower eyelid hollows. In practical terms, this results in swelling similar to the dreaded eyebags along with a bluish tinge. Injecting more deeply onto the bone of the orbit itself helps minimize this problem. Fortunately, this can be dissolved with an enzyme very quickly. Belotero® on the other hand can be injected five more superficially with a significantly decreased incidence of this effect. It last anywhere between 6 to 9 months. It is my most popular HA amongst my patients, producing consistently excellent results.

Restylane® and Juvederm Utra Plus® Newer FDA approved fillers that expand the horizon for both the plastic surgeon and the patient. Ideal for facial wrinkles and folds and select cases of lip augmentation. No skin test is required and effects generally last longer than 6 months.

Juvederm Ultra® and Ultra Plus® are newer types of hyaluronic acid fillers similar to Restylane®, but tend to last longer than this latter product. Consequently, Dr Haworth utilizes these more frequently; he refers to them as "workhorse of fillers" since they can be placed almost everywhere in the body, have a great safety profile and last approximately 2-3 months longer than Restylane® or Perlane®.

Radiesse™ Though more expensive than the HA's, it may be worth it in the long run, since its longevity surpasses other temporary filler currently on the US market. Reports indicate that the effects of Radiesse™ last between 1 - 1.5 years within the face. In terms of antiaging therapy, Dr. Haworth feels it is excellent for the nasolabial folds, temples and the Marionette lines (running from the corner of the mouth to front of the jowls). To re-create cheekbones and jawlines for beautification therapy/facial augmentation, Radiesse™ is one of the most effective substances available since it has little compressibility yet feels naturally soft at the same time. It is also very effective in treating age-related atrophy in the hands. For more information, check out this video.

Aquamid™ The filler of the future from Denmark. A permanent, yet removable, injectable plumper that feels completely natural within the body. Approximately 95% water and the rest polyacryamide gel, Aquamid™ seems to be the most ideal substance today for facial rejuvenation and beautification through injection alone. As of yet, it is not FDA approved, so it is only offered under certain circumstances.

Botox™ of course, the tried and true will still be available , since they serve the certain needs and life styles of specific patients, These include Botox Cosmetic™, microdermabrasion, collagen products, such as Zyplast™ and Cosmoplast™ (the human derived collagen). Generally, less swelling and familiarity accounts for their popularity and no skin test is required with the latter product. Read more about this product.

Artefill™ is unique. It is basically the best, safest permanent FDA -approved filler on the market today. Dr Haworth has had over two years' experience with this product and is impressed with its unparalleled reliability both in terms of safety and aesthetic outcomes. It is ideal for those who want more permanent results than those offered by the hyaluronic acid fillers (Juverderm, Restylane, etc.) and Radiesse. A skin test is required.

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