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Gallery: Canthopexy/ Canthoplasty

Patient 228 before Patient 228 after

This man was complaining of a "dry eye" symptoms.he came to Dr. Randal Haworth in Beverly Hills to seek correction both of the dry eye symptoms and the tired appearance of his lower eyelids. Dr. HAWORTH realized that one was related to the other.

His lower eyelids were lax/loose in tone and had a downward, "sad" anti-mongoloid slant. This lower eyelid posture increased his eyeball exposure to the elements contributing to his "dry" symptomatology. Additionally he had bulging eyelid fat bags flanked by significant dark hollows.

A bilateral lateral tarsal strip procedure to tighten the lower eyelids through a minimal incision while placing a thick cadaver graft in the center of the lower eyelid for added support was performed. At the same time, the excess fat bag for removed while fat was transferred into the lower eyelid hollows. A complicated, choreographed surgical procedure indeed.

Patient 228 before Patient 228 after

A one-year follow-up is presented here. Note the smooth transition from his lower eyelid into his upper cheek after the procedure. The patient felt relief from his symptoms and was pleased with the natural aesthetic outcome as well.


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