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Patient 177

Patient 177 before Patient 177 after
This young mother of 3 suffered severe loss of self esteem, originally stemming from 3rd-degree burns she sustained in a house fire as a child. Not only did she bear these scars on her face, neck and body, but she also felt unattractive from a feminine point of view. She described her look as sad, one that was homely and ungainly.She came to Dr Randal Haworth, a specialist in all aspects of facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty, fat transfer and minimally invasive surgery through the Swan transformative program.
Patient 177 before Patient 177 after
A comprehensive aesthetic surgical strategy was customized for this patient: an endoscopic brow lift (specialized by Dr Haworth to accentuate the eyebrow arch, minimizing any surprised look), a rhinoplasty (to not only beautify, but also straighten her septum thereby improving her breathing), facial fat transfer and submental liposuction were performed.
Patient 177 before Patient 177 after
By examining the above photos, one can note how both fat transfer to her lateral jawline (widening it from a straight-on [AP] view in order to balance her wide cheek-bone distance) and under-the-chin [submental] liposuction created a more youthful jawline. Dr Haworth, a specialist in cosmetic eyelid surgery, transferred fat to her lower eyelid hollows provided a smooth transition from her lower eyelash line into her cheek mounds.


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