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Since opening my practice in Los Angeles in 1995 I have striven to deliver the best that plastic surgery can offer. Furthermore, my staff is dedicated to doing the same. I realize that cosmetic surgery is a tool by which people seek to customize their appearance in accordance with their subjective sense of self. As such, it is a tool that should be a reliable one, medically safe, and one directed by artistic endeavor and a strong aesthetic integrity.We at The Haworth Institute make this a reality and we do it every day.


I have always been artistic as far as I can remember, always gravitating towards artistic mediums along with a strong aesthetic appreciation for the world around me. However, I have also always had a curious side and been motivated by science, biology and medicine. When I first realized, at age thirteen, that plastic surgery could be my career I knew I had found my place. Plastic surgery represents the perfect synthesis of art and science, where the left and right sides of my brain could express themselves in harmony.

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THE HAWORTH INSTITUTE - Los Angeles, California

Located in one of the most coveted medical buildings in the world, the Haworth Institute is home to three entities: THE CLINIC of Drs Haworth, and Vallecillos, THE BEVERLY HILLS SURGICAL CENTER, INC. and THE BEVERLY HILLS SKIN LAB. At the Institute, advanced surgical skills, creative thinking and the latest in proven cosmetic technologies are employed in a friendly environment dedicated to the acme of aesthetic medicine. Patients accepted for treatment will be taken care of in the best, most personal manner possible. We are also proud to have MAHRI MARTENS TOMAS provide her unique and exclusive service of hair augmentation at the clinic.
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