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Corner Liplift

Corner Lip Lifts are designed in order to elevate an otherwise drooping outer corner of the mouth. Patients often complain of constantly looking angry or sad compounding their aging appearance. However, young patients can also have downward turning corners of their mouth that they may have had ever since they can remember. Learn about lip lift procedures and the best candidates for each at our site dedicated to lip beautification.

Best Candidates for the Procedure:

The most appropriate candidates for lip reshaping and fat transfer are patients who have:

• A desire for more permanent results than temporary injectable fillers (which only address volume anyway)
• Lips that have become thin, inverted, shapeless or sagging with age
• Had other facial rejuvenation surgeries and want their lips to sync up with the rest of their face
• Had a rhinoplasty and find that their upper lip is too long
• Naturally unbalanced lips
• Naturally thin, inverted or flat lips that are nearly invisible, imparting an angry expression

General Information About The Procedure:

Dr. Haworth performs 3 versions of the permanent lip lift:

1. TRADITIONAL OUTER CORNER LIP LIFT with a near invisible outer scar located inconspicuously along the outer most corner of the red border of the upper lip. This surgery can be done under local anesthesia and involves 2 layers of stitches placed with the aid of magnification to minimize any scar. A singular outer stitch is removed in 5 days at which point makeup can be worn. Recovery from this surgery is minimal at worst.

2. MEDIALIZED EXTERNAL LIP LIFT again with a near invisible scar which can be performed under local anesthesia. This surgery not only elevates the corners of the mouth, but increases the red lip visible on either end of the upper lip. It also decreases any displeasing downward slope the upper lip takes as measured from its center. In other words, it is quite powerful in its ability to change the shape of the upper lip, giving unprecedented control to the surgeon. Despite its apparent simplicity, this surgery can be very challenging to even an experienced surgeon since it requires extraordinary detail to execute symmetrically and with pleasing results.

3. AN INNER ONE (DEPRESSOR ANGULI ORIS-DAO RELEASE) is reserved for younger patients or for those with drooping outer lip corners but no folding, wrinkling or skin sagging below the corner of the mouth. The surgery divides a small muscle through an incision just inside the cheek. All sutures are dissolvable therefore none need be removed.

Typical Recovery Time:

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