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ArteFill is a non-resorbable injectable wrinkle filler that is used to correct facial wrinkles, those deep furrows or creases in your face. Unlike other injectable fillers, ArteFill is not absorbed by the body making it a permanent solution for wrinkle correction. It is the longest lasting wrinkle application available without surgery.

Best Candidates for Artefill:

Artefill is best if you already know that you like what a soft tissue filler can do for your face. Permanent is great if you are in love with the results, but not so great if you are not. Artefill is best for smile lines; it is not recommended for areas with thinner skin such as crow's feet around the eyes. Not everyone is a candidate for Artefill injections. Importantly, Artefill has not been tested for safety in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or in women younger than 18. If you have any cysts, pimples, rashes, hives or infection near the injection site, treatment should be postponed.

General Information About Artefill:

A month before the procedure, you will need to have a skin test in order to determine if you are allergic to the product, if it’s negative then your cosmetic surgeon will schedule your procedure. ArteFill contains lidocaine, which diminishes soreness following the procedure.

Typical Recovery Time:

The most common adverse events associated with Artefill treatment are similar to those observed with other dermal fillers, and include mild swelling and reddening at the treatment site. These side effects usually resolve within 24 hours. Occasionally, there is mild bruising that typically disappears in 3 to 7 days.
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