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Classic Facelift After & After


This former Playmate was complaining of deep horizontal wrinkles in her abdomen which is a very common complaint among women. Lasers and skin care creams are limited in their efficacy in treating thestubborn etchings of the skin. They are caused by attachments from the undersurface of the dermis to the deeper structures such as the abdominal fascia, which need to be released in order to get an effective treatment. Dr. HAWORTH, and innovative welder down Beverly Hills plastic surgery, performed a Surgiwire® release which is a small surgical procedure without incisions or scars! This is akin to a fancy subcision. He finalized her treatment with two rounds of Artefill® (now known as Bellafill®) a permanent filler which is FDA approved although this is off label (like most indications in medicine).

Three-year follow up photograph is presented.

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