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Health and drama go together like air and water for Hollywood — the industry needs both to sustain itself. Just ask Seth MacFarlane, whose 2013 Oscar hosting gig was rescued by ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Shawn Nasseri, or So You Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe, whose grandson was saved by pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Krieger, or Charlie Sheen, whose shoulder injury was prevented from derailing a money-minting career by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Raj (yes, that’s his name — this is Hollywood, after all). For its 2nd annual Doctors Issue, The Hollywood Reporter elicited stories of drama, trauma and triumph over both by surveying 2,000 professionals in the film, television, movie, music, sports and media fields to find out who are the most beloved, trusted and go-to physicians in L.A. As for the official Hollywood’s Top Doctors list for 2015, to identify the 469 elite physicians who qualified for it, THR’s editors partnered with the physician-led research team of Castle Connolly, the U.S.’ preeminent medical-database authority, to identify the highest-rated practitioners in their specialties, all of whom are nominated by their peers in an extensive survey process of thousands of U.S. doctors each year. The listed doctors rank in the nation’s top 10 percent and are among the very best in their specialties and communities. Castle Connolly screens these doctors’ medical educations, training, hospital appointments, disciplinary histories and much more. Doctors do not and cannot pay to be included. Dr. Haworth was honored to be among the best plastic surgeons of 2015 by delivering compassionate and honest care as well as beautiful results.


Anti-aging treatments
The latest in treatments, fillers and procedures help keep you beautifully radiant-at any age. Here’s the inside track on what to do, and who to go to, to put your best self forward. Among those esteem practitioners interviewed by Angelina, Dr. Randal Haworth MD was honored to be included among them. Anti-aging treatments
scan-9“Botox plays in important role in keeping fine lines at bay”, says plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth MD renowned for achieving naturally beautiful results. Haworth suggests conservative use of Botox (from $500, the Haworth Institute) in the 30s to diminish fine lines and crows feet. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth MD Bellafill ($1200, The Haworth Institute) to permanently diminish deep folds and fill out eyelid hollows.


Khloé is a dead ringer for Lionel’s daughter!

Chloe is 14 years older than Lionel’s daughter Sofia, but the resemblance is uncanny. “They have the same hairline and forehead,” says LA plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth. “Their skin tone is similar, their eye coloring is similar, their shape is similar,  their face shape is similar. Even the chin-to-lower-lip and the upper-lip-to-nose ratios are similar.”


These 484 elite go-to physicians keep the entertainment industry’s injuries and illnesses in check and at bay, whether from shoots gone wrong (CHARLIZE THERON’S herniated disc), performance fatigue (KISS’ Paul Stanley’s vocal cords, RINGO STARR’s drummer fingers), just plain accidents (talk to CHRIS ALBRECHT) or not-so-plain cancer. Not to mention the passage of time ( the ultimate villain- ask a dermatologist).

Industry Favorite

When industry clients arrive at his busy office, they enter what Dr. Haworth describes as “the bat cave,” a clandestine garage parking entrance through an alleyway, providing the utmost privacy for those who might not want to be photographed pre- or postsurgery. But with so many Hollywood patients, sometimes an in- office run-in can’t be avoided.

 “ Two very famous people were in rooms next door to each other, and they both knew each other, “ says the plastic surgeon, laughing. “The opened the doors at the same time and were so embarrassed.”  Haworth, who appeared on Fox’s The Swan, also is an artist, working in graphite and acrylic, and those skills heighten his work on sculpting skin.  “ With painting, you have to have a keen eye and the ability to ascertain microscopic detail and understand the power of a shadow versus a light reflection,” says Haworth.

 “ I’m able to imbue that into what I do with plastic surgery.” While he performs a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries, including facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, and breast enhancement, Haworth also serves actresses and models with nonsurgical treatments such as carbon dioxide laser treatments and Botox. “ He’s a rock star,” says former America’s Next Top Model contestant CariDee English.



Renée, René, Is that you?

Renée Zellweger stunned fans this week, unveiling a new face that makes the “Bridget Jones” actress look nothing like her old self. Plastic surgeon speculated Tuesday that Zellweger, 45, may have had a minor brow lift-that made her unrecognizable.

 “She had really small, squinty eyes-and that was her charm,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. RANDAL HAWORTH the post. “It seems radical only because this is her first time we’re seeing her eyes.”

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Greer deadpanned that he’s not even sure photos of Zellweger at Elle’s 21st Annual “Women In Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday were really her. “The surgeons remove too much skin,” Greer said. “They overdid it.” YA rep for Zellweger could not be immediately reached for comment on Tuesday.



Mason doesn’t look like Scott, says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal HAWORTH. “The eyes are very different. Scott’s are close together; Mason’s are not. They have few facial features in common.”

“Michael’s and Mason’s eyes are the same distance apart,” says Dr. Haworth. “Mason’s eyebrows are thick like Michael’s and they both have dark eyes.” They also have cleft chins.



While under eye-puffiness and bags maybe genetic, loss or redistribution of fat may also be a factor. “With time, the fat pads under the eyes can start to protrude,” says Dr. Murphy. “Once there’s a change in the overlying tissue support in front of the fat, it starts to come through as bags, which make the under eyes puffy.” As the skin under the eyes start to thin out, there’s less of a buffer between what’s happening deep under the skin and what shows on the surface. “Bags can get worse with age and high-salt diets,” says Beverly Hills, California, plastic surgeon RANDAL Haworth, M.D.


Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can check the tear trough area (Sometimes extending outward for a natural look) with Restylane, juvederm or fat to rebuild the orbital rim, prevent shadowing and fill in sunken areas. “Belotero is good for under the eyes because the Tyndall effect is less common,” says Dr. Haworth


The only way to permanently fix a saggy brow or and hooded or saggy upper eyelids is with surgery. While not everyone may experience those symptoms, they tend to occur together because the upper lid and brows are dependent on one another and an aging brow can affect the look of the lid.”We can treat a saggy brow line with an endoscopic brow lift to correct the shape and reestablish the height. It also cleans up the upper lid without operating on it,” says Dr. Haworth. To address loose skin, an upper blepharoplasty can be performed. A hollowed look, caused by a loss of volume in the brows or upper lid, can be corrected using fat or fillers to plump the area. Often a brow lift and upper blepharoplasty are done together to achieve the most natural results.



Is Penelope the key to proving Scott is Mason’s real father?

To support his case, Michael claims Mason and his 13 month old sister Penelope don’t look likeFull siblings. Not true, says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. RANDAL HAWORTH (who’s not involved with the case): “it’s glaringly evident that Penelope and Mason look-like spitting images.”

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