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The Beverly Hills Surgical Center

The surgical center of Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

DR. HAWORTH performs his surgery at THE BEVERLY HILLS SURGICAL CENTER, INC., an advanced, fully accredited ONSITE FACILITY, designed to provide superlative comfort, privacy and safety for all patients. A private, sequestered exit is utilized to maximally ensure confidentiality and security.

The Beverly Hills Surgical Center, Inc. is staffed MONICA BERLIN C.S.T. (a Certified Surgical Technologist) and REGISTERED NURSES. Both their and Dr Haworth's commitment to safety is of paramount importance; no detail is too small. We employ the latest in proven technology as well as the best anesthetic and anti-nausea agents available to encourage the speediest of recoveries, minimizing or all-together avoiding postoperative discomfort and nausea. Electronically controlled sequential compressive stockings (to minimize chance of any blood clots within the legs), warming air-blankets, extremity padding and intra-operative leg and hand massage techniques (by our nurses) are always employed to foster maximum care. Bis Monitors to measure state-of awareness are available in special circumstances.

The skin lab of Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeonSkin care products recommended by Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeonThe surgical clinic of Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon
Randal Haworth, MD
436 North Bedford Drive Suite 105
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 273-3000 (310) 273-8802 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.